5 reasons to see Matt and Kim live
Courtesy of Fader Label

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are together as a couple off stage and professionally as the duo Matt and Kim. In the early days of their 15-years-strong career the pair did not go out of their way to reveal their personal relationship, but now it is a matter of public record. A really cute public record. Any fan who has poked around on the internet looking for Matt and Kim videos has no doubt come across far more than musical performances; the couple has posted lots of candid footage that depicts their obvious mutual affection, and there’s an especially charming video where they talk about how their relationship began and blossomed.

The love that Matt and Kim have for each other translates easily to their music; for a perfect example just listen to, or better yet watch the video for “Happy if You’re Happy,” a cut from Almost Everyday, the duo’s most recent album. And while affection is at the core of everything appealing about Matt and Kim, here are a few reasons why you should see the Brooklyn-based performers live.

1. Hear your favorite oldies
After a decade and a half and six albums, Matt and Kim have given their fans plenty of memorable songs. If you’re one of the multitude of fans that knows the words to every song by heart, you’ll likely be able to sing along to a selection of oldies but goodies like “Daylight,” “Block After Block,” “Silver Tiles,” “Lessons Learned,” “Don’t Slow Down” and “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare.”

2. Feel the energy
Matt and Kim are always full of energy, sometimes perhaps a little bit too much so. A couple of years ago the duo had to cancel a few shows after Kim had an onstage accident where she tore her ACL while leaping about. That was a fluke, and you can expect Kim to be up to her usual antics both at her drums and elsewhere. And yes, Matt will get sweaty and eventually lose his shirt.

3. Notice the change?
While she was recovering from her injury in 2017, Kim had time to indulge in the daily news. Some of the bummer headlines combined with her frustration at not being able to perform for a while caused some of the band’s subsequent songs to come out with a bit of a dark pall, something virtually unheard of in the earlier Matt and Kim material. Still the electro-poppers are fun and upbeat on Almost Everyday, but can you hear the difference?

4. Anticipate new material
It has been a little over a year since Matt and Kim released Almost Everyday, which means there’s a good chance that they’re sitting on some new songs that they’re dying to try out on a live audience. Maybe you’ll be among the first to enjoy a new tune or two; at the very least you’ll witness a performance full of surprises that’ll be different from any other show. And you’ll dance like there’s no one watching.

5. Catch them when you can
Matt and Kim may announce a big tour at any moment, but for the time being your chances to see them are fairly limited, all the more reason to plan on getting to a show soon. Current dates are:

June 1 – Santa Rosa, CA – Sonoma County Fairgrounds
June 21 – Springfield, MA – The Plaza at MGM Springfield
June 22 – Stratford, CT – Two Roads Road Jam Music Fest
Aug. 2 – Ogden, UT – Ogden Amphitheatre
Aug. 17 – Omaha, NE – Maha Music Festival
Sept. 21 – Asbury Park, NJ – Sea Hear Now Festival

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