5 reasons to see Meek Mill live

Meek Mill is arguably one of the most prevalent names in the hip-hop community today. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, the 32-year-old lyricist has one of the most compelling discographies in the genre. With a countless amount of mixtapes from the early stages in his career and four critically-acclaimed studio albums under his belt, Meek Mill has yet to create a lackluster body of work. 

Throughout his last two official musical offerings in Wins & Losses (2017) and Championships (2018), he's elevated his purpose within the culture and become a figure many look to for inspirational hymns. Now, after recently being released from prison for a parole violation stemming from an arrest when he was a teenager, Meek is using his platform to bring awareness to the flawed criminal justice system. He's letting his voice be heard by taking center stage throughout the festival circuit which is helping him gain momentum for his REFORM Alliance initiative, an organization aiming to release at least one million convicts stuck within the prison system within the next five years.

As his celebrity and advocacy for true justice continues to grow, so does the attendees of his live performances. With that said, AXS has compiled a list of five reasons why Meek Mill is one of the most must-see live acts in all of the music industry. Check them out now, below. 

1. Consistent high energy
During the early stages of his career, it became a running joke that Meek Mill would scream throughout all of his songs making for some rather awkward recording sessions. While the gag was entertaining there was no denying that regardless of his vocal cadence, he knew how to up the energy in any room when his music permeated through the speakers. With songs like "Imma Boss," "Amen," and of course, "Dreams & Nightmares (Intro)," Meek Mill provides consistent high energy throughout all of his live productions. When you have over an hour's worth of high-energy musical content in your discography, concert-goers become a lot more appreciative of the musicians on stage for maintaining that level of enthusiasm. It just so happens that Meek Mill is categorized as one of those types of live performers. 

2. Impeccable breath control 
On-stage breath control is always a must-have quality for fans of traditional singers. What many casual music fans fail to realize that this is also a requirement for hip-hop artists if they want to curate an enjoyable live show experience for their fans as well. While some rappers get the benefit of the doubt for rhyming at a slower tempo, Meek Mill is known for maximizing the word count of a lot of his bars. With his patented high-speed flow, Meek Mill is required to maintain an elite level of breath control when on stage. 

While casual fans may not see the importance of having vocal stamina for an artist of Meek's caliber, aspiring hip-hop artists and rappers alike are well aware of what it takes to rap at such a quick pace as often as the Philly artist does and he does it well. 

3. Surefire surprise guests
Without having to literally stand alongside Meek Mill it is obvious that he vibrates on a level of consciousness immersed in positivity and operates with pure intent. These characteristic traits have allowed him to form kinships with some of the most popular personalities in hip-hop today. Whether it be finding mentorship from Jay Z, working closely together with Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, or squashing beef with Drake, Meek has the ability to bring the best together. 

His well-intentioned demeanor directly reflects his live shows being that you never know who might pop up on stage with him. During his most recent Motivation Tour that took place earlier this year, the "Stay Woke" rapper brought out names like Fabolous, Lil Uzi Vert, Tory Lanez, the recently laid to rest Nipsey Hussle, and others to name a few. If you plan on catching Meek Mill in a live setting expect to get a little bit more than just a solo live production of the lyricist. 

4. Meek Mill the motivator 
There's been a lot of early footage of the Dream Chasers' head honcho resurfacing about his desire to relocate his mother to a better neighborhood and wanting to unite his hometown of Philadelphia. Now, that's he's a multi-platinum selling recording artist, his same message reaches a lot broader audience, especially in a performance setting. It isn't rare for Meek Mill to take some time on stage to address his supporters with some motivational words to take back home with them. Whether it's messages of anti-violence, social justice, or pure unadulterated inspiration drawing from his own adversities, the "Oodles O'Noodles Babies" rapper wants everyone to know their dreams are attainable no matter the circumstances. 

5. One word: Unification 
Looking into a crowd of a Meek Mill concert one thing is for sure, regardless of your ethnic background, religion, gender, or whatever social constructs might be in place, he brings the masses together through his artistry. While he might have felt hopeless growing up in the streets of Philadelphia, unsure of what his future may bring, there's a slight chance that he could have never imagined bringing so many people together through his music. Now, with his fellowship larger than ever, he's aware of his responsibility as an influencer and promotes unification more than ever not only in his music but every time that he speaks.  

Observing his maturation throughout his career and watching him find his purpose through his personal struggles is an inspiration to all in search of their own revelations. With the entire realm of hip-hop behind him, the possibilities of what Meek Mill can accomplish are endless. 

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If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area and wish to witness a live Meek Mill performance, he will be performing at this year's BET Experience on June 21 at the Staples Center alongside YGA Boogie, and more (Tickets). Tickets for the one-time event can be purchased, here

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