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A little under a year after the tragic passing of fellow Linkin Park bandmate Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda released his Post Traumatic album. The album which Shinoda wrote and recorded during the first 9 months after Bennington’s death was embraced by fans and critics alike and proved to many (including Mike Shinoda) that he can still create powerful music outside of Linkin Park.  It is one thing to release music that is emotionally charged and it is a whole different accomplishment to perform these songs in front of thousands of fans, many of which are still grieving the loss. 

Here are 5 reasons to go see Mike Shinoda on his Post Traumatic tour

5. The Linkin Park songs you love.

Although it may be weird to listen to songs like ‘Bleed It Out,’ ‘Papercut’ or ‘’In The End’ without the unforgettable growl from Bennington, Mike Shinoda was able to weave other iconic LP songs throughout his set that mostly featured his lyrical flows. And even when songs called for a Chester scream, Shinoda turned the mic to the crowd and encouraged the fans to sing his part.

4. Improvisation makes every show unique

Mike Shinoda’s goal for this tour was to have it be a unique experience at every show. He brought along two musicians that can change up a song on the fly and allow Shinoda to mix up the setlist.  Even with changing the written and planned setlist every night, there is still room for additions and remixes such as impromptu Fort Minor songs.

3. Guest Appearances

When Mike Shinoda had an artist that he featured on his album such as Grandson supporting him along the tour, it can be expected that he would bring him out during the encore for ‘Running From My Shadow’. However, it was definitely a nice surprise when Shinoda brought out Linkin Park’s bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell during the last handful of songs for the night.

2. A chance to see Fort Minor tracks live

True fans of Linkin Park follow everything that the band has done and that of course includes Mike Shinoda’s lesser-known hip-hop project, Fort Minor.  Unless you were really on top of your game when The Rising Tide was first released back in 2005 chances are pretty good you never had the ability to experience tracks like ‘Petrified’, ‘Cigarettes’ and ‘Remember the Name’ live.

1. It’s a celebration of life and love

Although Shinoda wrote Post Traumatic in a state of mourning for his friend, the tour is a celebration of life. During his set, Shinoda takes time to reflect on Bennington’s last performance at the Manchester Arena, which took place less than a month after the bombing. Chester addressed the crowd (which Shinoda mentions does not always work out the best) with a statement about life and love. ‘Life is hard enough, and we are not all as different as you might think. I want all of you to turn to your neighbor and say I love you.’  Shinoda finishes his story by urging the crowd to be kind to each other and to themselves.

Mike Shinoda will continue his tour through Nov. 17 and then will play a handful of radio station festivals in December.