5 reasons to see Sal Vulcano & Friends live

Sal Vulcano and his friends make everyone laugh on TruTV's "Impractical Jokers" but he's got other friends, and this summer he's taking them on tour. Vulcano, Roy Wood Jr. and Steve Byrne are bringing "Sal Vulcano & Friends" to San Diego's Balboa Theatre on Saturday, July 21 and here are five reasons why you should get your tickets for this triple threat of comedy now through AXS.

1) A Joker out of his natural habitat

Vulcano is a household name because of "Impractical Jokers" and the associated touring with The Tenderloins, which is the comedy group formed with his "Jokers" co-stars Brian Quinn, Joe Gatto and James Murray. But while millions of people have seen him on TV, most haven't had the chance to see his solo act. Vulcano has been doing stand-up on his own for years, and it's completely different from either the Tenderloins shows or the hidden camera bits he does on "Jokers." Comedy fans going to this show will see a side of Sal Vulcano that they haven't enjoyed before. Play the video above to see him being hilarious even when he's trying not to be funny.

2) Byrne's self-deprecating humor

Sal's friends are established comedians in their own right. Steve Byrne starred in the TBS sitcom "Sullivan & Son" for three seasons as the title character Steve Sullivan and has had numerous stand-up specials; his latest, "Tell The Damn Joke", aired on Showtime last year. Byrne will make fun of almost anyone, but he's not a comic who just goes for laughs at other people's expense; he's also just as willing to make fun of himself. His latest act included jokes about adjusting to fatherhood, being married, and his craving for McDonalds. He's relentless, but charming and a perfect complement to Vulcano.

3) Wood on the spot

The third member of Sal Vulcano & Friends is Roy Wood, Jr. Wood portrayed Steve's childhood friend Roy Williams on "Sullivan & Son" and has also become a fixture on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" with his various correspondent pieces. His comedy can be both universal (about relationships and family) and also topical (like his take on Starbucks' recent PR issues). He's going to bring a degree of timeliness and cultural literacy to the show, ensuring that it definitely will feel new and relevant in addition to hilarious.

4) The group's camaraderie

As the title indicates, these three are all friends off-stage, so this isn't just another comedy tour where a few big names hit the road together. These are three comedians who have chemistry together, and whose acts mesh well together. Aside from Wood and Byrne working together on "Sullivan & Son" and that corresponding stand-up tour, Wood also appeared on "What Say You?", Vulcano's podcast with Brian Quinn. They've collaborated before, so they'll put together a set that works well as a whole, rather than three separate acts that just happen to be in the same building.

5) Playing to the crowd

The whole point of live entertainment is to have a great live experience. As mentioned above, all three of the featured comedians have television experience, as well as touring experience. They've played to millions of people on TV every week, and thousands more at various venues nationwide. They know exactly what it takes to win over an audience and get them rolling in the aisles, and they'll bring plenty of energy. Seeing them at Balboa Theatre won't just be a show; it's going to be a hilarious experience that comedy fans will be laughing about for weeks to come. Luckily, there's an easy way to make sure you don't miss the fun.

Tickets for Sal Vulcano & Friends at Balboa Theatre are on sale now through the AXS event page. Tickets are just $36.00 but they're selling out quickly, so don't waste time getting yours today! For more upcoming events at Balboa Theatre, visit the venue's page at AXS.

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