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Ska music is one of those genres that seem to wane and wax over time, getting a huge surge in popularity and then fading back into relative obscurity. Even when it goes through one of those rise in popularity on mainstream radio, ska bands seem to rarely make mainstream success. One of the bands that have managed to maintain a huge following since their conception, however, is the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who has ridden a wave of popularity for over 30 years.

The band laid its roots all the back in 1983, where they were a far cry from the horn-heavy, plaid-clad ska band that they are today. Influenced by bands like Social Distortion and The Clash, along with 2 Tone ska, the band began to form their signature foundation. It wasn’t until 1997, after years of touring, and even a major record deal, that the band found huge success in their album, Let’s Face It. Mostly due to the first single, “The Impression That I Get,” the band’s first single of the album, undoubtedly launched the Mighty Mighty Bosstones to their success, gaining the album platinum certification.

The band has endured the test of time, and it’s easy to see why. These are 5 reasons why you should go see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones live show.

1. The Music
Of course, the main reason to see any band is the music itself. The band has a strong 35-year career, so they must be doing something right, right? The catchy hooks, blaring horns, and danceable melodies make it near impossible to stop your toe from tapping. The music is contagious and will definitely leave you humming all the way home.

2. The Dancing
Even the band finds their music danceable. They have recruited a full-time dancer who you can’t keep your eyes off of. Also moonlighting as the band’s tour manager, Ben Carr impressively flails his arms about to the beat and provides a fun addition to the band’s already quirky persona.

3. The Performance
Despite Carr’s dancing, the rest of the band can still hold their own and draw attention. The rest of the Bosstones display fun and humorous personalities on stage that makes the show all the better. Singer Dicky Barrett shines as a lead man, with an unwavering enthusiasm on stage as he hardly ever stays in one spot, engaging with the fans and playfully interacting with his bandmates.

4. The Fans
Fans can definitely make a good show. Not only do they set the stage for interactions with the rest of the concert goers, but the band feeds off the fans energy as much as the fans feed of the band’s. There is nothing worse than an unenthusiastic crowd as a concert, and the Bosstones fans show up looking for a good time and ready to dance along. Some also show up in a distinct style that mirrors the band. Which leads me to…

5. The Clothes
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are not only notorious for their sound but also their look. Head to toe plaid suits has evolved to head to toe suits decorated in logos of other notorious bands. Despite being under the hot lights for a over an hour, the band finds the importance in dressing up for the audience. Carr has been noted saying, "If people are going to pay their hard-earned money to come see us, we’re gonna dress up for them. We’re gonna look good."

There's a reason the Mighty Mighty Bosstones have been around for so long. They've really honed their craft and their music to create a fun night that anyone can enjoy.