5 reasons to see Twiztid live
Tracy Heck

Detroit hip-hop/rock duo Twiztid brought their annual Devil's Night celebration, Fright Fest,  back to their hometown on Tuesday evening. As always, the evening was a rousing success as fans packed the Majestic Theatre for the event, which also featured performances from co-headliners Motionless In White and openers Alla Xul Elu - AXE and Chelsea Grin.

The traveling Fright Fest tour has become a staple for Twiztid fans and the Detroit show is always the penultimate stop with the band pulling out all the stops for their hometown fans. Here are just five reasons to check out next year's Fright Fest.

1) Stacked, diverse lineup

Every year, Twiztid never fails to showcase a number of national and local acts during their Fright Fest run. While last year's version concentrated on a number of hip-hop acts from their Majik Ninja Entertainment label, including Blaze and R.O.C. and underground hip-hop flavor like Prozak and Whitney Peyton, this year's show lineup leaned more towards the heavier side of things after Twiztid's successful run this summer on the Warped Tour. Salt Lake City deathcore band Chelsea Grin blew up the stage before Twiztid's friends and fellow Warped Tour compatriots Motionless In White took to the stage in front of a crowd that was evenly split between their fans and Twiztid's. For those who hadn't seen them before, they put together a jam-packed set of their biggest hits, as well as pulled out some older stuff that got their long-time fans moshing. For those who weren't interested in them, Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless joked that they could watch The Crow, which they had playing behind them on the big screen through most of their set. For those more interested in the hip-hop side of things, a couple of local openers kicked things off and Alla Xul Elu-AXE kept things rolling with their energetic set. Chris Motionless and Chelsea Grin's Tom Barber made a second appearance later in the evening as tMotionless joined Twiztid on stage for "Kill Somebody" and Barber chimed in on "Nothing To You."

2) Holiday flavor and spectacle

Halloween has become more and more popular over the last few years and the Detroit area is packed with haunted houses and horror-themed attractions battling for attention. Fright Fest is just one annual event that stands out among the rest. The show always features eye-popping Halloween decorations and horror-themed videos. Twiztid's Jamie Madrox and Monoxide learned from the best, mentors Insane Clown Posse, that has always taken horror imagery to a new level with their elaborate shows and makeup. Now Twiztid is carrying on that tradition with its own shows and Fright Fest is the pinnacle of those showcases. Their set featured their backup dancers Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers, who really got into things as they stalked around in between their sporadic dances as well as Scooby-Doo themed ghosts hung on each side of the stage. With the duo's horror-themed music, the Halloween mood is already set, but Fright Fest always feature some Halloween-specific tracks that always get the fans going like the band's biggest Halloween-flavored hit "Green Pumpkins." This year's set kicked off with their old House of Krayzees' track "Nosferatu." Each year their sets get more intense and darker.

3) A furious mesh of genres

Although Twiztid started out as an underground hip-hop duo, the pair has always mixed a number of genres into their music over the years, allowing them to pick up fans across the spectrum of music and allowed them to make appearances outside the hip-hop spectrum like Warped Tour. With the addition of drummer Drayven to the mix, the band has really refined their sound, giving it a harder edge that really plays out well on the live stage. This diversity has only grown their fan base, with many rock fans coming out to join the tried and true Juggalo fans who have been with them from the beginning. Tuesday's set found the band reaching way back with early songs like "Murder Murder Murder" and "Rock The Dead" sitting alongside more recent tracks like "My Addiction" and "Breakdown."

4) Humor

Both members of Twiztid are known for their sense of humor and that humor always shines during their sets as they interact and joke with one another and the crowd. Every Twiztid show guarantees some unforgettable moments and wild tangents. Tuesday's show was no different as Madrox burst out into random covers and the pair cracked jokes throughout the set. Madrox later dedicated powerful track "LDLHA-IBCSYWA" to those in the crowd who had lost someone, but then lightened the mood as he got everyone to laugh as he also dedicated it to those who had lost someone they had come with to the back alley, where they were probably passed out.

5) A sense of community and family

Although the Juggalo fan base is often looked at negatively, it is one of the rare crowds where everyone feels like family and is welcome. Fans pack the venues that Twiztid play at, but everyone is for the most part respectful of one another and just there to have fun. This year, with Motionless In White co-headlining, a large side of their fan base came out to join the Juggalos and although drastically different, everyone seemed to get along and enjoy the show. Twiztid themselves always are open to new fans and gear their shows towards making everyone feel welcome.