5 reasons to see Under The Streetlamp live
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Under The Streetlamp transports audiences across the country back to the days when Doo Wop groups would gather on a hot summer night under the streetlamps to sing treasured, classic hits from the American radio songbook. The critically-acclaimed quartet is comprised of Eric Gutman, Brandon Wardell, David Larsen and Shonn Riley.

Under The Streetlamp, quite simply, is bringing retro back to a whole new generation of fans. Group members all hail from Broadway backgrounds and have recorded their version of all sorts of classic songs across three fabulous studio albums. They have also garnered a large fan base after headlining their own stunning PBS specials. There’s nothing quite like spending an evening listening to their exquisite harmonies on magical songs like “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys, “Runaround Sue” by Dion, “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes and many more in a live, intimate setting.

Under The Streetlamp will be bringing their dazzling Hip to the Holidays! holiday-themed live show to City National Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim, California on Dec. 21 (Tickets). Here are five reasons you’ll want to grab tickets and see Under The Streetlamp perform live.

1. The Streetlamp guys are seasoned stars of stage and screen
Under The Streetlamp was born after members of the “Jersey Boys” musical cast ended their Chicago theater run. A seed was planted, and an idea sparked for the guys to bring those songs off the Broadway/theater stage and perform them for live audiences in venues around the country to enjoy.

All the Under The Streetlamp members are seasoned musical stars, who have performed in award-winning Broadway shows like “Jersey Boys,” “Rent,” “American Idiot,” “42nd Street,” “Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys Musical” and more. Their wealth of collective and individual musical entertainment experience precedes them and has helped them deliver hundreds of spectacular live shows.

2. A sizzling setlist of timeless classics
Under The Streetlamp’s setlist is chock full of some of the most treasured songs in the Doo Wop, Motown, and Rock ‘n Roll genres of the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and now even into the ‘80s. Songs of this era standout as classics which have delighted music fans for decades. Count on hearing fun, infectious hits like “Who Loves You,” “Rock Around the Clock,” “Oh What a Night,” “Be My Baby” and more in a dynamic live setting.

3. These guys know how to harmonize
All those neighborhood groups hanging out on stoops, stairwells, and under streetlamps drew crowds from all over the block back with their stunning harmonies and the Under The Streetlamp men prove no exception. Their sweeping harmonies are spot on and breathtaking. Plus, they serve up some pretty slick dance moves, and each guy is given a chance to stand out with solo performances.

4. They keep the show going with witty personal stories
You’ll never have to worry about a lag or dull moment at an Under The Streetlamp show. Between songs, the guys tell funny stories about their families, growing up, the significance of a song and even razz each other a little. Overall, they are charming and never fall short on entertaining their live crowd.

5. Irresistible sing-a-longs
Having a setlist filled with some of the most magical, memorable songs in music history sets the tone for an irresistible sing-a-long during an Under The Streetlamp concert. There’s nothing a group likes better than knowing their live audience is fully-engaged and eager to participate. Sing-a-longs abound at an Under The Streetlamp show and the guys frequently interact with audience members, They are even known to perform a swoon-worthy serenade, say on a song like “She’s a Lady,” to random audience members. Overall, an Under The Streetlamp show is more than just a retro concert. It’s a full-blown, fantastic, must-see live entertainment extravaganza!