5 reasons we'll miss Mac Miller
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Malcolm James McCormick, also known as Mac Miller, died at the age of 26 on Sept. 7, 2018, a little over a month after the release of his hugely successful album titled Swimming. As with most deceased artists, we reminisce on the things we truly loved about them, on the things that made them real and unique. Incomparable style and an addictive sense of humor are just a couple of Mac's obvious traits, but we want to share a few undeniable reasons why we'll miss Mac Miller. 

5. His original down-to-earth style

Mac Miller's laidback vibe was apparent in his style whether that be in his fashion or his lyrics. The rapper wasn't typical in either and he didn't care what the music industry, or the hip-hop world more specifically, thought. His easygoing lifestyle was evident in his fashion choices, as the Pittsburgh native seemed to prefer a nice pair of sunglasses instead of the usual endless amounts of gold chains. He was often spotted rocking regular Vans sneakers instead of Yeezys, Jordans or some other high priced basketball shoe. The way Mac carried himself surely helped paint him as a human who was also a rapper which added to why so many loved him. 

4. His ability to combine genres 

Mac did an outstanding job at blending genres, pulling obvious inspirations from Jazz, R&B, old school Hip Hop and Funk. This helped to separate his music from other artists that dominate the hip-hop charts right now. One thing that Mac taught us is that you don't need to sound like everyone else to achieve greatness. His undeniable sound and cadence is uniquely identifiable to many worldwide.

3. His lyrics were relevant and relatable 

Mac's lyrics were masterfully relatable. In a world where social media has given us a skewed perception of reality, Mac was able to express some of the deepest, uniquely human emotions in a contemporary way that just made sense in today's society. Mac did a wonderful job at utilizing humor to his advantage in his lyrics. This helped his lyrics feel more personable and less forced than most other hip hop artists today. His style, lyrical ability and overall presence seemed effortless. 

2. Mac had a great sense of humor

Mac's sense of humor was definitely one of his most memorable characteristics. Along with his musical abilities, Mac showcased his acting talents a few times over the years, including an appearance on Loiter Squad with Tyler, The Creator, as well as his appearance on Scary Movie 5 alongside Snoop Dogg.  

1. His incredibly bright future

Mac was cementing his name and originality in not only the music world, but through other forms of pop-culture media as well. He seemed to be reaching that level of success where you're more than just an artist, where your name starts to become a brand within itself. Its an understatement to say Mac was on a fast-track to lasting success, this guy was doing laps around most in the business. It's important to remember that he was only 26. His life was in many ways, just beginning, but we'll unfortunately be left to only imagine what Mac's artistic future would have held. 

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