5 reasons we love Bill Murray

Since breaking onto the national comedy scene as a Saturday Night Live cast member for the show’s second season back in the fall of 1976, Bill Murray has become one of the United States’ national treasures. The veteran comedian, actor and classical musician has done it all in his five decades in show business. From waging war on ghosts and groundhogs, to putting his own spin on classical American literature as part of his collaboration with world renowned cellist Jan Vogler, fans can’t deny that Murray is a true entertainer and a man who is clearly still having fun writing the pages of his own story.

As Murray and his musical counterpart Jan Vogler prepare to bring their unique performance to Denver’s Bellco Theatre on Dec. 10 (tickets), let’s take a look back at Bill’s amazing career and reflect on why he’s basically one of the coolest fellas in showbiz.

1. He’s not your typical Hollywood hotshot
Anyone who has followed Bill’s career over the years could tell you that he doesn’t really have a traditional Hollywood career. Back in 2000 he fired his agents, reportedly for calling him too many times, and hasn’t found the need for one since. He still acts in all types of films, but for a producer or casting agent to land Mr. Murray, they apparently have to dial some 1-800 number just to get in contact with the guy! The move may have cost the actor some big blockbuster roles, but do you think everyone’s favorite groundskeeper is really losing any sleep over it?

2. You’ll never find him glued to his cell phone
Speaking of being called too often by Hollywood businessmen, Murray has found a way to get rid of another huge and unnecessary distraction in everyday life - his phone. According to Vanity Fair, Murray only uses his phone for one purpose: texting. No games, no phone calls and certainly no Instagram drama, just the occasional text message going out to friends and family. If you really need to get a hold of the man in hopes of inviting him to your next ugly sweater party, there’s always snail mail, which he also supports.

3. He’s the ultimate party crasher
Look, party crashing can be just a little immature (and even illegal) if not executed properly. Forget calling up Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson; if you’re ever looking to attend an event in which you aren’t exactly welcome, Billy Murray should be your first and only partner in crime. Whether he’s randomly showing up to play some kickball, inviting himself to strangers’ weddings or just washing dishes and cleaning up afterwards, Murray is an expert at not only crashing parties, but making his presence almost necessary.

4. He’s often found hanging out at concerts
Murray doesn’t just limit himself to engaging with the world of film and television. He’s also an avid music fan, and is often found hanging out at concerts and music festivals like SXSW. For example, he has taken the time to introduce Eric Clapton onto the stage at the guitar legend’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, not just once, but multiple times over the years. And lest you think he's just another older guy into classic rock, last December he surprised rapper Lupe Fiasco backstage after one of his concerts in Austin, TX, and demanded an encore.

5. Murray is the most fun baseball owner since Billy Heywood took over the Minnesota Twins in ‘Little Big League'
Bill Murray is a co-owner of a few different minor league baseball teams around the country, including the St. Paul Saints and Charleston RiverDogs. Aside from traditional ownership responsibilities, he’s also the best promotional man since P.T. Barnum. In 2003 he set up a “Silent Night” event at one of the games, where fans in attendance had to remain quiet throughout all nine innings. Attendance doesn’t even mean anything to Murray, as he also helped set up a "Nobody Night" in 2002, where no fans were allowed into a game until the 5th inning. Who says baseball isn’t fun anymore?

Click here for tickets to see Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends at the Bellco Theatre in Denver on Dec. 10.