5 reasons we love Vegas Golden Knights' mascot Chance
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Every team loves their mascot! After all, a mascot gets fans and team members pumped up before, during, and after a game. They also show up at various community and charity events to represent their team – and they usually love taking photos with fans.

When the Las Vegas Golden Knights revealed Chance the Gila (pronounced HEE-LA) monster as the team’s mascot in 2017, some people were confused. They didn’t quite know what to make of him. Was he Barney the dinosaur’s Golden cousin? Was he a character from “Star Wars” or “Guardians of the Galaxy?” Why didn’t the team choose a knight in shining golden armor?

These questions swirled around in people’s minds for a little while. But it wasn’t long before fun-loving Chance stole everyone’s hearts. Fans started lining up in droves to meet him and soon, the lovable Gila became a Golden Knights treasure – and a symbol of joy.

We’re pretty sure everyone that knows Chance adores him. However, in case you’re curious and need a little nudge to get to know him, we’re giving you five reasons we love the Las Vegas Golden Knights’ mascot Chance below.

1. The kids love him
Kids generally love all kinds of unique creatures and a lizard-like Chance is no exception. Sure, the team could have picked a shiny knight to be their mascot. But knights aren’t adorable like Chance.

By comparison, Chance was rather shy when he first joined the team. He opened up really quickly, though, when he realized how nice and welcoming people are – especially VGK fans. Overall, Chance feels at home outside of his lonely natural habitat because hockey is an inclusive sport that welcomes all kinds of people and creatures. It also promotes teamwork, community, goal-setting, and dedication.

Now, Chance returns the love as much as possible. He visits hospitals, charity events, community happenings, and youth hockey games throughout Southern Nevada. He loves kids as much as kids love him. During his rare time off, you might even find him around town playing the crane game somewhere … (See the attached video).

2. He’s hilarious on Twitter
It’s a safe bet that @ChanceNHL has cornered the market on hockey-loving Gila monster accounts on Twitter. He has over 19K followers and he posts some really funny tweets. Whether he’s throwing some shade at his rival mascots, praising his teammates, posing with fans for pix, or spreading some “Giladay” cheer, Chance’s tweets always bring a smile!

3. Chance merch is the best merch
Vegas Golden Knights fans love to show their loyalty with jerseys, tees, hats, and more. Chance merch is the best merch though because he’s cute! Seriously. Who can resist cuddling up with a soft Chance plushie? Or how about showing your VGK pride with your very own Chance collectible Pop! figure? With so many items to choose from, fans will likely agree that Chance merch rules!

4. He reps Vegas perfectly
Knights typically live in medieval castles and what do those have to do with Las Vegas? Chance, on the other hand, reps Vegas perfectly because Gila monsters live in the desert. Plus, they are strong and venomous – which means Gilas like Chance can easily defend themselves against their enemies – just like Vegas’ brave, determined, and victorious Golden Knights hockey team!

5. He loves hockey and loves his team
Above all else, a mascot must love the sport and team they represent. Chance fell in love with hockey and his Golden Knights the first time he set foot on the rink. He never gets tired of cheering, strutting, dancing, and revving up the crowd to help lead his team to a victory. If you want to see his ferocious and fun-loving antics in person, go check out all the action on the ice with the Vegas Golden Knights and their adorable mascot Chance at an upcoming game (Tickets).