Jim James would have some pretty good songs to pick from if My Morning Jacket added some of his solo material into their setlist. 

Jim James would have some pretty good songs to pick from if My Morning Jacket added some of his solo material into their setlist. 


Fans who closely follow My Morning Jacket are very well aware that the band’s singer/guitarist, Jim James, has put out some pretty impressive solo material over the years. James released his first full-length solo album in 2013 with Regions of Light and Sound of God, and followed that up with the release of Eternally Even this past October.

My Morning Jacket announced a few weeks ago that they’ll be heading out on a U.S. tour starting June 22, which includes a stop at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY on July 15, with Gary Clark Jr. also on the bill. While the band may have plenty of groovy, psychedelic rock tunes in their arsenal to keep fans dancing under the New York City lights all night long, it would be cool to hear some of James’ solo stuff thrown into the mix as well. So here are five songs from his solo catalog that would be perfect additions to their setlist on July 15.


“True Nature”

This soulful, horn-friendly tune from the ‘Eternally Even’ album is like something out of a dark, 1970s crime drama. The lead guitar to go along with James’ deeper vocals and keyboards almost takes listener to a darker place than usual. If there were a track that highlights the personality that New York City represented in that era, it’s this groovy song.


The acoustic melody to start out this song from James’ 2013 album is warm and catchy enough to turn anyone’s day around. The short, two-minute peaceful instrumental is like something out of a Pixar film, and who is going to complain about that? Even though the piece has no lyrics, it would make for a perfect instrumental transition between songs or perhaps a way to close out the night with a melodic goodbye.

"In The Moment"

“In The Moment” is another fuzzy, soulful tune that immediately encourages listeners to dim the lights and let the music lead the way. Its dreamy, semi-psychedelic direction steered by hauntingly beautiful trumpets make it a perfect excuse to just chill and let loose for the night. Need a reason to make out with your date for the night or a musical accompaniment as you head into the unknown? “In The Moment” will have no problem taking you there and back.

"Here In Spirit"

Another dreamy but very catchy song from his ‘Eternally Even’ album, James channels his inner psychedelia for this fun mix somewhere between The Flaming Lips and Flume. The track’s natural ease and sway make it the perfect anthem for a warm summer evening. Living is easy with this song for sure.

"Dear One"

There’s plenty of clutter and excitement from the first notes of “Dear One.” The frantic piano intro helps the listener flutter off into the abyss while James sings about always pushing the boundaries of his soul. Trippy right? Fans will definitely go through a long, strange trip of their own if MMJ decides to throw this song into the set. James’ singing takes the lead in this stripped back tune, but a gritty guitar solo could also take it way past the boundaries of that soul of his.

Grab tickets to see My Morning Jacket and Gary Clark Jr. at Forest Hills Stadium on July 15 here.