5 songs we hope to hear from Camila Cabello at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2019
YouTube/Camila Cabello

When the concert for Rodeo Houston was announced, many were beyond stoked to see superstar Camila Cabello as one of the performers at this year’s festivities.

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Cabello, once a member of now-defunct girl supergroup Fifth Harmony, has risen to become a force in pop music and has sold out shows all over the world. Her presence at Rodeo Houston basically confirms just how big this festival is, and tickets for her show on March 5 will, no doubt, sell out, and though we don’t know which songs she will perform for her set, here are five songs we hope Cabello will perform at Rodeo Houston!

5. “Sangria Wine”
Though it wasn’t a huge hit, her uptempo duet with Pharrell is a fun song that can really get a crowd up on their feet. The tropical ting of the beat and the fun lyrics makes for a perfect song to sing live, whether Pharrell is with her or not. Don’t be surprised if she whips the crowd into a frenzy when she sings this sizzling song.

4. “Crying In the Club”
Most may not remember, but “Crying In the Club” was the first single that she released as a solo artist. It didn’t make the cut of her debut album, Camila, but Cabello performing this song at Rodeo Houston would be a nice homage to the song that started her on this incredible journey to the pop superstardom.

3. “Real Friends”
As one of this writer’s favorite songs from her stellar debut album, “Real Friends” is a heartwarming song that is perfect for getting the crowd to sing along to. Granted, most of her catalog is worthy of that distinction, but “Real Friends” is one of those songs that, when it comes on, one can’t help but sing along to.

2. “Never Be The Same”
Along with “Havana,” “Never Be The Same” turned out to be a huge hit for Cabello. It’s one of the songs that defined 2018, and when one listens to it, there is a country-vibe that one can glean from this. That is why “Never Be The Same” would be a perfect song to perform at Rodeo Houston; and, as a bonus, maybe she can get Kane Brown, who song on the country remix of this hot single, to perform it with her, since he will be one of the performers at this year’s Rodeo as well.

1. “Havana”
This is the single that launched Camila Cabello into the pop universe, and it would be a shocker if she didn’t perform this track at Rodeo Houston. Originally thought of as a single that wouldn’t gain traction, “Havana” become one of the biggest singles of 2017, and though she has had huge hits since then, “Havana” has Cabello’s signature single.