5 songs we hope to hear from Cardi B at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2019
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Cardi B's rise to prominence is one of the most unorthodox routes to success in entertainment history. Less than five years ago, the esteemed hip-hop songstress was stripping at a club in Brooklyn, NY called Lust which allowed her to gain notoriety on social media. From there the Bronx-bred starlet made her way to television screens on Love & Hip-Hop New York where she kicked off her career as a musician. Now, Cardi B is one of the most in-demand musical acts in the world and will be performing at this year's Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo at the NRG Park & Stadium in Houston, TX. 

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With one of the biggest livestock and rodeos in the country quickly approaching (March 1) and Cardi B on the bill AXS has compiled a short set list of songs that we're hoping that the superstar rapper performs. With that said, check them out below. 

1. "Money"
Cardi B's "Money" track is the latest musical offering we've been gifted with by the Invasion of Privacy rapper. For someone who's had so much success with their debut album, this was a strong followup to such an impressive showing. Contextually, the lyrics display how she's adjusted to her newfound fame and the birth of her first child, Kulture, all the while still maintaining her braggadocious demeanor. "Money" is definitely a gem, Cardi should perform for her fans in Houston. 

2. "Bickenhead"
"Bickenhead" might be an unexpected demand for this particular Cardi B performance but, it might be appropriate for a livestock show being that the song is a play on Project Pat's hood classic "Chicken Head". The explicit raunchiness of Cardi B's "Bickenhead" is what has made this particular track a fan-favorite for her devout supporters and would be a pleasant surprise for those in attendance. There's no denying that this tune is going to make several resurgences as it ages. 

3. "Be Careful"
Initially, "Be Careful" did not receive such a warm reception from the hip-hop community being that it was a followup to her smash hit single, "Bodak Yellow." Which in hindsight makes sense. However, the song did grow on the masses and made a massive impact throughout the airwaves. Also, there's a good chance that "Be Careful" was not for the fans but rather for her husband, Offset, who is now attempting to reconcile his damaged marriage with Cardi. This hymn would be dope to watch live to see if Cardi evokes any type of emotion or if she chooses to create a viral moment out of her performance. 

4. "Bartier Cardi"
"Bartier Cardi" is a dope bop that allows for mass crowd participation due to the formatting of the lyrical content. A lot of call and response lyrics are buried in the first verse of the song that will get the crowd into the performance. Not to mention, it would be interesting if she flipped the lyrics to diss her now estranged husband Offset in the chorus rather than give the Migos member the usual praise we once got used to coming from the hip-hop star. Regardless, "Bartier Cardi" oozes energy, who wouldn't want to see Cardi B perform this track live?

5. "I Like It"
It would be kind of hard for Cardi B to avoid performing her verse on "I Like It" at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo being that the song is one of the most popularized tunes in the world at the moment. Also, with the classic sample of Pete Rodriguez's "I Like It Like That" the song is well-received by a multitude of different generations, especially in the Hispanic community which is well-represented in the Houston, TX area.  

With that said, for those of you hoping to attend the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (Feb. 25-March 17) and see Cardi B perform (March 1) you can purchase your tickets to the event via AXS, here. Also, stick with AXS for all of the tickets to the hottest events around the globe.