5 songs we hope to hear from Los Tigres del Norte at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2019
Los Tigres del Norte / YouTube

Legendary Mexican group Los Tigres del Norte is part of the lineup for this year's RodeoHouston. The guys hailing from Sinaloa will take to NRG Stadium on March 10 (Tickets).

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Los Tigres del Norte - which translates to the "Tigers of the North" in English - has a music career that spans many decades since launching in 1968. The group's signature brand of norteño music is a staple across the border and has soundtracked Mexican-American family parties and functions here in the U.S.

The reach of their timeless songs that tell stories is truly multi-generational. Here's a list of five songs that Los Tigres del Norte hopefully includes in their RodeoHouston setlist.

5. "La Mesa del Rincón"
"La Mesa del Rincón" (The table at the corner) is the perfect song for fighting the blues at the bar. The band's leader wallows in heartbreak with a bottle of booze while telling the bartender his story. He puts everything out on the table with this wailer of a tune.

4. "Jefe de Jefes"
The guys of Los Tigre del Norte are feeling themselves on "Jefe de Jefes" (Boss of the Bosses). The band toots its own horn, both literally and  figuratively, saying how hard the song's protagonist has worked to get to the top. Los Tigres del Norte soars and roars on the mighty song.

3. "Tu Cárcel"
"Tu Cárcel" (Your Prison) is originally a song by fellow Mexican group Los Bukis. The band's leader that went solo, Marco Antonio Solís, joins Los Tigres del Norte for their cover. The norteño music twist is a beautiful update that still encapsulates the painful heartache.

2. "Golpes En El Corazón"
"Golpes En El Corazón" (Hits to the Heart) is one of Los Tigres del Nortes' songs from the '90s that was revived in 2011 as a live duet with Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio. The accordion is mesmerizing as both singers reclaim their lives from a toxic relationship. Los Tigres and Rubio's hearts take a beating on this empowering and beloved ballad.

1. "La Puerta Negra"
"La Puerta Negra" (The Black Door) is Los Tigres de Norte's signature song. The band's story about a forbidden romance was the breakthrough that opened doors for them. Their parents-just-don't-understand anthem is an unruly and unforgettable one.