5 songs we hope to hear from Santana at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Calling Carlos Santana a legend in the music industry is an understatement. He is a titan, a wizard on the guitar, and a musician that has bridged many musical stylings together long before it became the cool thing to do.

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With numerous hits under his belt, Santana’s music has resonated with a myriad of fans all over the world. Now, at the young age of 71, he is still doing his thing on the guitar, and on March 13, Santana will bring his legendary guitar to this year's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and here are five songs that we would love for him to play at this year’s rodeo.

5. “They All Went To Mexico”
In 1983, Santana recorded the classic Havana Moon, and one of the singles released from that LP was “They All Went To Mexico,” which featured Willie Nelson and Booker T. Jones. It wasn’t a Billboard hit, but the single has become a cult classic among his fan base, and there’s no better place to play that song live than at Rodeo Houston.

4. “She’s Not There”
Ever since he started recording music, Santana has been performing with his band, aptly named Santana, and that band has released some truly legendary music. One of those was “She’s Not there,” which was a Top 30 hit in 1977 and continues to be within the playlist of many Santana fans. For his set at Rodeo Houston, there are a lot of songs he could play, but this one should definitely be one of them.

3. “Maria Maria”
Santana has long been a bridge between different musical genres, and in 1999, he teamed up with The Product G&B and Wyclef Jean to create “Maria Maria,” which was one of the year’s biggest hits. We’re not sure if he would break out his song during this set, but it would sure be nice if he does.

2. “Havana Moon”
Havana Moon was an album that many considered was one of his best, and it’s hard not to argue with that sentiment once you listen to it. There are a number of great tracks on that 1983 record, one of them being the title track. Heavenly and tinged with the sounds of Havana, “Havana Moon” is a song that many would love for him to play live.

1. “Evil Ways”
This was his first single as a solo artist (he never left his band, by the way), and it was a moderate hit back in 1972. Today, though, it has become a classic, and the single has become a staple at many of his live shows. Hopefully, “Evil Ways” will be a large part of his Rodeo Houston set as well.