5 things to bring to Firefly
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The days until Firefly Music Festival 2017 are growing shorter, and whether a first-time attendee or a regular veteran, what you bring with you to The Woodlands will be important to a happy and healthy weekend of fun. It's not just the Boy Scouts who need to be prepared! If you check out the festival's official rules and regulations, use your common sense, and consult with this list, you should be set to rock out all four days in Delaware without a hitch.

1. Photo ID
The number one thing you don't want to forget at Firefly this year is a photo ID card with your correct name. It will be necessary for both admittance, and in order to show your proof of age if you plan on drinking. What you won't need this year is cash, as the festival has rolled out a cashless program targeted at making transactions across The Woodlands quicker and easier. So bring your credit or debit cards and be prepared to show your ID again when purchasing, if necessary.

2. Sunscreen and bug spray
The Woodlands is an outside venue, and as you might have drawn from the name, that means a certain amount of bugs will be present. In order to enjoy an itch-free weekend, bring along some bug spray. You will also be happy if you bring along some sunblock as we are never too old to protect ourselves from unpleasant sunburns. Just remember, Firefly's list of prohibited items bans any type of aerosol spray, so stick to squirt bottles or lotion tubes for the weekend.

3. Camera or GoPro
The use of cameras and GoPros will be allowed this year at Firefly, so if you enjoy capturing moments from your experience to share back home on social media, feel free to go ahead and bring those items along. Surprisingly for a music festival, selfie sticks are also allowed, so if you want to strap your phone or GoPro to one, go ahead and pack it. What kind of camera gear won't be allowed? Any professional video or photography equipment, including cameras with detachable lenses over 2" in length. Save the pro shooting for the pros and enjoy packing light with your smaller digital camera.

4. Cell phone charger
You know you're going to need your cell phone, whether you want to Snapchat the entire day or just figure out where your friends went. Batteries drain fast, especially in the heat, so don't forget to bring your charger. Charging stations will be available on a limited basis, so plan to plug-in when you are taking a break from dancing or standing front and center at the main stage.

5. Refillable water bottle
Staying hydrated is important during any day out in the sun, and being at an outdoors music festival is no exception. Even if you are drinking other liquids, such as the various craft brews that will be on tap, it's important to keep up with your water intake to fight off dehydration. Being the guy or gal who passes out during their favorite band's set is never fun, so to save a little cash (and the planet), bring your own refillable water bottle and take advantage of the refill stations.