5 things to bring to Stagecoach

From designing personalized daily line-ups to buying beer for the RV, all sorts of fun preparations are underway ahead of this weekend's Stagecoach Country Music Festival. When packing, attendees should consider a few key items to guarantee a safe and fun-filled fest. Country culture happens to be influenced by an extremely sensible bunch (cowboys), so many stylish choices will prove efficient too. Below, we lay out the five-must items for a foolproof festival experience. Check out more Stagecoach information over here

1. Sun protection (Cowboy hats highly recommended)

 With the weekend's temperatures predicted to reach the mid-'90s, attendees will want to invest in some solid headwear to ensure around-the-clock shade. From the traditional felt option to a more climate-controlled straw number, cowboy hats are tried, true and always trendy forms of UV defense. 

2. Dust protection (Paisley bandanas highly recommended)  

While no one's arguing that bandanas tied as cowboy scarves look very sharp, the desert ecosystem calls for a different usage. As fans kick the dust up by walking, rocking and line dancing, it's just a matter of time until they're breathing in dust. Avoid the dreaded dust cough by tying a colorful hankerchief over your lower face. 

3. Sensible footwear (Cowboy boots highly recommended) 

Spread across a sprawling field, most Stagecoach attendees will rack up the steps as they trek from stage to stage to see their favorite artists. Sensible, broken-in shoes are non-negotable for a comfortable, blister-free experience. Providing cushioned support and rugged durability, cowboy boots are the fashionable counterpart to practical sneakers. From traditional to contemporary to quirky, there is a boot option for everyone. 

4. Breathable clothing (Cut off denim highly recommended) 

True cowboys and girls see the understated elegance and everyday utility of denim. To ensure proper lower body ventilation, chop up some old jeans into a fine pair of jorts. Those going for a flashier look can easily add some rhinestones or glitter. Comfortable, stylish and (generally) flattering, jean shorts are an option beloved by festival-goers of all genres.  

5. Multiple sources of power 

With the above-mentioned stressors (heat, dust, walking) and a good amount of phone usage (if it's not documented it didn't happen), both attendees and their devices will require reboots. Avoid breakdowns by packing cell phone chargers, CamelBaks or reusable water bottles (there are multiple filling stations) and snacks of your choice.