5 things you didn't know about Alvvays
Alvvays A/YouTube

Canadian indie pop group, Alvvays emerged onto the live music scene out of Toronto in late 2014 and 2015 in promotion of their self titled  album debut. Lead singer Molly Rankin blends powerful yet soothing vocals with rhythms that carry influences of punk, electro and surf rock with a distinct 80's pop inspired overtone. After success touring their debut album for the past two years, the band is hard at work in the studio producing their second studio album, Antisocialites, which we can expect to be released in early September 2017. Catchy guitar riffs and beautifully echoing choruses are some of the more obvious traits that make up the band, but here are 5 things about Alvvays that you didn't know. 

1. Molly Rankin is the daughter of one of the founding band members of The Rankin Family 

Singer/songwriter, Molly Rankin was born into the famed Celtic music band, the Rankin Family who even brought her on tour as a teenager and educated her on music technique. With their guidance, Molly was able to become proficient on the fiddle by the age of 10 and earned an unparalleled amount of musical knowledge along the way to starting her own band, Alvvays. 

2. Although phonetically incorrect, the band is actually pronounced "Always" 

We've heard the pronunciation both ways, but let's be honest we know you we're wondering if you were saying Alvvays incorrectly this whole time. The truth is it's supposed to be pronounced as "always", although it is fun to heavily enunciate the double V's in a German accent when referring to the band. 

3. They added two V's to their name because there was already another band named "Always"

The band has already been named when they discovered a dream pop band from the 90's called "Always" existed under Sony's label. Band members decided to change the W to double V's to get around any legal issues. According to Molly, she didn't see any issues with changing the letters because "visually the V is just about a millimetre away from being a double-u. It was obvious to me, but I hadn’t considered that it was sort of ambiguous." 

4. Molly Rankin wrote most of the songs while working in a smoothie hut that may have been a drug front

Apparently working in a smoothie hut that she assumed was a drug front gave Molly Rankin plenty of time to read, write and create most of the day while essentially getting paid to do it. All you can eat vegan coconut ice cream bars and some peace and quiet to create literally sounds like a songwriter's dream. Unfortunately, there's no word on if Molly ever put on her detective cap and tried to verify if the business was an actual drug front before leaving the smoothie industry for bigger and better things. 

5. No, "Archie, Marry Me?" isn't related to the Archie Comics or anyone in Molly's real life 

Although there seems to be a fan rumor swirling about the relation of "Archie, Marry Me" and the Archie Comics, according to Molly Rankin that rumor is untrue. The band also has an inside joke about the song possibly being about Molly's cousin who is also named Archie. When asked about this, Molly clarified that "we’re close friends, so we always joke that the song is about him but it’s not." 

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