5 things you didn’t know about Anthony Hamilton
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Anthony Hamilton is a singer/songwriter who first broke onto the music scene in 1995. He is known for a countless number of hits including “Freedom,” "Charlene,” and “Comin’ from Where I’m From.” Though he’s had over a decade of experience in the music business, here are 5 things you might not know about Anthony Hamilton.

5. He was a barber.

Before becoming the platinum selling artist he is today, Anthony Hamilton was a barber in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. According to Charlotte Magazine, Anthony worked at Mangum’s barbershop which is reportedly located on West Boulevard. While working as a barber, his co-worker Darrik “Chop” Staton encouraged Anthony to become a musician and pursue a music career. “[Anthony] the same cat from fifteen, twenty years ago—same spirit. That’s why people love him,”Darrik told Charlotte Magazine . “He’s a people person, and he’s very humble.”

4. He was raised by his grandmother.

Anthony lived through a tumultuous childhood. His mother reportedly struggled to provide for him and his siblings and his father was not present in his life. Because of his parents’ struggles, Anthony lived and was raised by his maternal grandmother who encouraged him to sing in the church choir. Anthony reportedly first started singing at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Mount Holly.

3. He is resilient.

When Anthony discovered his passion and talent for singing, he sang nonstop. Anthony sang so much that he was known as the singing barber in his barbershop. As more and more people in his hometown heard his singing, he quickly gained popularity in Charlotte. Once he solidified his presence in Charlotte, he went to New York to be heard. However, Anthony had very little money at the time and would reportedly sleep in cars, sneak in studios, and snuck on several tour buses to be heard by industry heads and pursue his career.

2. His wife was his background singer.

According to Essence, Anthony Hamilton and his wife Tarsha met while she was singing background for him on tour. Tarsha is also a soul singer. Two years after they met, Anthony proposed at Tarsha’s home church in Cleveland and the two have been happily married ever since. Anthony and Tarsha have been married for 10 years and have three children together.

1. He’s not interested in just making hits.

Anthony Hamilton’s official website states that he enjoys making music and going through the creative process so much that he is not interested in making a song just to be a hit. Anthony chooses to release music that he is passionate and confident about.“Some people write songs to be hits,” Anthony says. “Some people write songs because they love it … and that brings a different feeling to the music. I was looking for the latter.”