5 things you didn't know about Brett Young

Brett Young is one of country's hottest up and coming singer-songwriters. He released his debut full-length eponymous LP on Feb. 10, 2017 led by single "In Case You Didn't Know." It follows his 2016 debut track "Sleep Without You," which peaked at No. 3 on the Hot Country Songs chart taken from the self-titled EP. In his mid-thirties, Young didn't always plan to be a musician but after sports injuries, he was forced to find another passion and now the country genre has its latest rising star. Here are 5 things you didn't know about Brett Young.

1. Young draws inspiration from life experience

Like most musicians, Brett Young finds inspiration in life experiences in which he's gone through himself or something that he's connected to on a personal level. While he could write a concept, he'd prefer to put his surroundings on paper instead which also includes his own heartbreak. After a baseball injury, he was enthralled by Gavin DeGraw's writing and cites him as his musical idol.

2.  Music was not an intentional career choice

Growing up, Brett Young played baseball, sports being his first love. He was drafted by the Minnesota Twins after high school but turned down the offer. He had a full ride with the Mississippi team Ole Miss and played for a year. He eventually transferred to Fresno State and suffered an elbow injury which required surgery. Like so many athletes that have a surgery in an area crucial to their sport, Young was forced to end his baseball career and then moved on to music. Young had to find another passion and the only thing he loved more than sports was music so he began to work on his craft.

3. He loved surfing as a teen

Back home in southern California, Brett Young's love of sports also fell into surfing along the beautiful tides on the west coast. He would spend hours trying to perfect his skills but never was able to be a competitive athlete. The singer-songwriter surfed from sixth grade until he was 18 then pursued that short lived career in baseball. Not being able to strengthen his surfing skills frustrated Young but he still feels like the beach is home.

4. His debut single became a No. 1 hit

When Brett Young released his debut single "Sleep Without You," he achieved an accomplishment not many artists do with a first single. It reached the No. 1 position on Mediabase 24/7 in November 2016. Over on the Billboard charts, the track peaked at No. 3 on Hot Country Songs while reaching No. 2 on Country Airplay, both admirable charts in the genre. His follow-up single "In Case You Didn't Know" has already shown signs of heading towards success as it has reached No. 7 on the Hot Country Songs tally and No. 16 on the airplay counterpart.

5. He loves tattoos

Brett Young has been getting a sleeve tattooed since he was 18 years old. He added to it when his song "Sleep Without You" reached No. 1 on Mediabase. The initials are placed within a Gibson guitar headstock where the logo would normally be along with a No. 1. As time has gone by, he continues to add to the sleeve with designs that are significant to him including when he moved to Nashville.