5 things you didn't know about CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES is not like any other pop band. They mix pop with elements of electronica to create something that's the best of both genres. They've also entranced music fans with their unique music videos, like "Graffiti" which you can watch by playing the video above. But how well do you know the band? Discover things you didn't know about CHVRCHES below, and then get tickets to see CHVRCHES live here at AXS.

1) Their name isn't a typo

If you've been wondering about the band's unique name, there's a pretty simple explanation. It doesn't have some secret meaning, and it wasn't done to try and look cool. According to the BBC, the band spells their name with a "v" instead of a "u" to avoid confusion with actual churches. They were concerned about how going by the name "Churches" would affect their online search results. And per Newsweek, there's no religious reason why the band named themselves "Churches" in the first place either.

2) They played their first shows under another name

CHVRCHES never planned to make it big. In fact, they were so hesitant to step into the spotlight that they made their debut under another name! Under The Radar reported that the band performed their first two concerts under the moniker Shark Week. Yes, as in the famous Discovery Channel week of shark-related TV programs. While that's not a bad name for a band, they quickly stepped out as CHVRCHES for their third performance in July 2012.

3) They once wiped all their social media

Social media is a huge PR tool for every band, but CHVRCHES completely destroyed theirs to promote their last release. As Pitchfork reported, the band erased everything on all of their social media platforms last year. Why get rid of years' worth of tweets and posts? So they could post a cryptic new video related to their single "Get Out." There have been crazy promotional stunts before, but this one was definitely unique - ensuring that the only thing fans had to look at was their promotional spot!

4) They've recently added a member

If you haven't seen CHVRCHES live recently, you probably don't know that they've added a band member. The group expanded from three to four members in 2018, when they hired a touring drummer. Jonny Scott now plays drums and percussion for the group when they're on the road. Scott is the first person to be added to their roster; the other three members founded the band together back in 2011.

5) They made SXSW history

CHVRCHES have yet to be nominated for a Grammy Award, but they've picked up a few other trophies in their career. The most notable came in 2013 after they released their Recover EP. As part of the promotion for that EP, they performed at the South by Southwest pop culture festival. SXSW named CHVRCHES their first-ever winners of the Grulke Prize, which recognizes a developing artist or group from outside of the United States. No matter what other awards they receive, they'll always be able to say they were the first act to ever receive that honor.

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