5 things you didn't know about Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis is not just a DJ and producer selling out shows in his hometown of Los Angeles and across the globe, but he is an all around comedian with one of the most outrageous personalities in the electronic music world. 

He first rose to fame after the producer Diplo heard his cut “Masta Blasta,” and since then Francis has worked with musical heavyweights like Skrillex, Calvin Harris and Major Lazer. Francis' tunes were also featured in the movie “Zoolander 2” and his cut “Get Low” was in the “Furious 7."

If that wasn’t enough, Francis is also known for the hilarious characters he’s created, like the DJ with a German accent DJ Hanzel. Between the characters, his music and his heavy social media presence, the 30-year-old has landed his own show on TBS Digital called “One Deeper Talks,” where he gets to interview other DJs in his Hanzel alter ego.

On New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, the multi-talented artist will be hosting The Dillon Francis Ultra VIP NYE Experience at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, and he’ll be accompanied by Australian producer Whethan and West Coast producer Team EZY. You can get tickets right here. 

Check out five things you may not have known about Dillon Francis below.

1. Francis hates his home studio

Most producers would probably love to have a home studio where they can just roll out of bed and work, but that's not the case for Dillon. In an interview with RevoltTV, he said he detests his home studio, because it's comfortable surroundings makes it hard for him to focus.

“I have a home studio now, which I don’t even want anymore because it’s too many distractions," he explained. "Like my couch is really comfortable, and I just like to SnapChat from there. Getting a studio that’s not in my house and then sitting down and doing that is really how it goes down.”

2. Francis worked at the clothing store J. Lindeberg

In a 2014 interview with LA Weekly, the famed DJ said that he used to work at J. Lindeberg in Los Angeles’ Beverly Center, and that’s where his love for suits came from. Francis also explained that he used to get a discount on suits and had many of them, so it was a natural choice for him to wear them on stage once he started playing shows.

Francis also said that Mark Ronson inspired him to wear suits since the British producer has been known to be a snazzy dresser. “I kind of looked up to him as a DJ and fashion guy,” he told LA Weekly.

3. Francis moved in with his parents after college

After he dropped out of Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, Dillon focused his attention on music, but he had to live with his folks first. The deal was, if he didn’t make any advancements in music career in six months time, he’d have to head back to school. Frances' father also made him get a life coach to help him organize and take his career seriously.

“I think they were 50-50 on it,” he told Idolator. “They knew if it didn’t pay off, I was going to go back to college… sort of. But I think they’re really stoked. Thank God Diplo did the Blackberry commercial because if that hadn’t have happened my mom would’ve been like 'Who’s Diplo? What’s a Calvin Harris? What’s twerking?' Now my mom knows everything.”

4. Francis' DJ Hanzel character is based on real people

While sitting down for an interview at this year’s Coachella, Francis talked about his DJ Hanzel character and how it began. He said the character is based on those deep house DJs who take themselves too seriously, and it’s his way of providing social commentary in a fun, lighthearted way.

Dillon also said that DJ Hanzel came from his desire to create something, and whether it’s a character, a song or something else, he feels better when being inventive.

5. Francis felt successful after he saw his parents cry

To say that Francis held up his end of the six-month deal that he made with parents would be a gross understatement. In fact, instead of having to go back to school, he went on the road and built his fan base and brand faster than many others have.

But the producer didn’t think he actually made it until the second time he played Coachella, and his parents were standing in front of the stage. In short, Francis said they got very emotional once they saw his elaborate stage set, and it made him feel like he really accomplished something.

“My parents were there, and I knew that was the most satisfying thing in my entire life because my parents are like crying up at the front, being like ‘holy sh--t,' look what he created for himself,'" said Francis while he spoke to Verge Campus. “Cause they were always like wholeheartedly supporting me, but I know like in the back of their head they were like ‘f--ck, is anything going to happen from this? We need to make sure that he has a backup plan.’ And they had the backup plan, which is me going back to school, but it worked.”