5 things you didn't know about Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae / YouTube

Janelle Monae is not only a talented musician, she is an innovator. Her passion to be different and stand out among the rest undeniably inspires her fans to do the same.

And even though her music, performance energy, and unique style is vibrant and demands attention, Janelle Monae, the woman, remains very coy when it comes to discussing her personal life.

So for those looking to learn more about this fiery electric lady, here are some unique facts about Janelle Monae.

5. She came from humble beginnings

Before becoming the music sensation she is today, Janelle Monae came from humble beginnings as a young girl living in Kansas City. Her mother worked as a janitor while her father worked as a garbage collector.

4. She attended AMDA

On her journey to becoming a household name, Janelle Monae attended New York City’s American Musical and Dramatic Academy to hone in on her performance skills. But after a few semesters, Jangle felt that her creativity was stifled at the school, so she dropped out. Soon after, she moved to Atlanta and began working at Office Depot and shared an apartment with 5 other women.

3. She prefers to stay in uniform.

Unlike other artists that are constantly switching up their looks and styles, Janelle Monae says she prefers to stick to one style.

Janelle can almost always be seen wearing black and white and a tuxedo-like uniform. Let’s also not forget about her signature bouffant. Janelle Monae says that wearing her tuxedo uniform is her form of honoring the working class and honoring her parents who wore uniforms to work everyday.

2. Janelle Monae is a big “Game of Thrones” fan

Janelle Monae loves “Game of Thrones.” When she is not creating hit music, you can probably find Janelle binge watching “Game of Thrones.” It was in 2013, that Janelle she was introduced to the show and fell in love with it ever since.

“Game of Thrones! Oh y'all wasn't gonna tell me about this show?!,” she tweeted in 2013. “Ok. Thas cool. 3rd season almost watched. SO well written.”

She is a lover of all people

Janelle Monae remains coy about her sexuality in interviews, but she has expressed her huge support for the LGBT community and describes herself as a lover of all people. She has even joked that she only dates androids or “the other.”