5 things you didn't know about JoJo Siwa
Its JoJo Siwa/YouTube

JoJo Siwa has gone from TV star to music superstar. The Nickelodeon star has developed a following as a singer, actress and social media personality, all before the age of 18. But how well do you know this teenage sensation? Check out five interesting facts about the pop singer below, then get tickets to see JoJo Siwa live here at AXS.

1) She has her own doll

Every artist has some form of merchandise, but Siwa has taken it one step further. When she was only 14, she partnered with retailer J.C. Penney to release a doll that looks just like her. She even created an entire video about the life of a JoJo Siwa doll on her YouTube channel; you can watch it by playing the video above. Not many pop singers can say they have their own doll, but it's only one of the many merchandise deals that Siwa has.

2) She got her start on reality TV

Siwa first became famous as a contestant on "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition," the Lifetime reality series where Abby Lee Miller scouted young dancers. That led to a spot on the series' parent program "Dance Moms" in 2015. Siwa left the show a year later and spoke about the reasons why in a video blog. She later posted another blog showcasing her most surprising moments on "Dance Moms," which you can watch by clicking the link above.

3) She's friends with Colleen Ballinger

One of Siwa's best friends is Colleen Ballinger, the fellow YouTube star and singer best known for her character Miranda Sings. Ballinger appears in numerous videos on Siwa's YouTube channel, as recently as a month ago. Ballinger had Miranda Sings give Siwa a singing lesson, and Siwa dressed up as Miranda Sings for an entire week this fall. Their friendship is adorable, not to mention a great source of cross-promotion since both are pop artists who appeal to younger audiences.

4) She hides things in her music videos

The next time you watch a JoJo Siwa music video, be sure to look closely. She's developed a habit of hiding surprises in all of her music videos! Last year, Siwa posted a video blog detailing all the things hidden in her "Boomerang" music video. There are also things hidden in the "Kid in a Candy Store" video. That's some creative thinking and a lot of fun for people who enjoy watching music videos. A lot of artists make fun videos, but they usually don't leave surprises in the background.

5) She's written several books

Last year, Siwa wrote her first book called "JoJo's Guide To The Sweet Life," which you can learn more about by clicking the link above. She released four more books this year and two more have been announced for 2019. Many singers and musicians will only write one book if they do any at all; Siwa has an entire line of them! It's clear that she's reaching out to young adults in every way possible, whether it's through her music, videos or reading. She's a versatile entertainer, and she's just getting started.

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