5 things you didn't know about Kane Brown
YouTube/Kane Brown

Kane Brown has become one of the hottest country music stars in the industry.

He didn’t have to travel far to try to make it in Nashville. He hails from Chattanooga, and it was in this mountain city where Brown honed his craft to chart the path to country music greatness. Ever since he arrived on the scene in 2014, he has seen his star power skyrocketed, racking up huge country hits, and crossing over into the pop realm when he song duet with Camila Cabello on the remix of “Never Be The Same.”

So, Brown was a natural fit to play Rodeo Houston this year, and to get you ready for his performance, here are five things that you may not know about this rising force in country music.

1. Brown refuses to perform his first hit live.

In 2014, Brown burst on to the country scene with the single “Don’t Go City on Me.” That song set him up for future greatness, but he refuses to sing the song live. Why? Well, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Brown found the song to be “cheesy,” even though it became a viral hit. So, don’t look for Brown to sing his first hit at the Rodeo this year.

2. Brown didn’t find out he was biracial until he was eight-years-old.

Everyone knows that Brown is half white-half Cherokee, but Brown himself didn’t know that he was half-Cherokee until he was eight-years-old, Brown told People magazine last year. Until that point, Brown said, he thought he was fully white, but his mother explained to him that he was mixed. Brown embraces his heritage, and with it, has brought a new dimension to this legacy genre.

3. Brown went to school and was good friends with Lauren Alaina.

This fact proves just how small of a world we truly live in. Lauren Alaina, the country music star who was the winner-up of season 10 of “American Idol,” went to school, and was best friends with Brown. In fact, it was Alaina’s success on “Idol” that convinced him to audition for both “Idol” and “The X Factor.”

4. A high school talent show victory convinced Brown to sing country music.

Country music has always been in Brown’s DNA, but during his high school years, he was also a fan of R&B music; but, it was his victory in a high school talent show that convinced him that country music was the ticket to music stardom. In the 11th grade, he won his school’s contest by singing a rendition of Chris Young’s hit “Gettin’ You Home.” After that, he knew that country music was the way to go.

5. Brown overcame huge odds to get to this point in his career.

Sometimes, many fans think that music artists have always an easy road to stardom, but that wasn’t the case for Brown. He was raised by a single mother in the Chattanooga-area, and his family was even homeless for a while. The odds truly seemed long, but he overcame them, when you look at where he came from to achieve his fame, one will gain a better appreciation for this rising country star.