5 things you didn't know about Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini is a young country music recording artist who has been dubbed “Country’s Next Queen’ by Billboard. She’s the first solo female artist in 15 years to hit number one with her first two country singles. Ballerini has been nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist, at the 2016 – The 59th Annual Grammy Awards airing on Feb. 12, 2017.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Kelsea Ballerini.

1. Ballerini got engaged to Australian singer Morgan Davis on Christmas, 2016.

The “Love Me Like You Mean It” singer posted on Instagram that Davis proposed to her on one knee while she was “burning pancakes.” Fiancé Morgan Evans told PeopleStyle. “I had the ring custom made with a diamond I picked from a local designer here in Nashville. wanted it to be classic and beautiful, like her.” The ring is a cushion cut diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds on a diamond band.

2. When Kelsea was 12 years old, she wrote her first song.

Titled “, Oh Mama,” the song was a last-minute gift to her mother on Mother’s Day because Kelsea had forgotten to buy a present. "Life got rocky when I was 12, and this gift of songwriting just fell into my lap. It was literally this blessing that came at the perfect time. And for me, it's always been that steady thing in my life that I can always go back to,” per Kelsea Ballerini website.

3. She was involved in music at while she attended school.

"I grew up performing in glee club at my school, I was the ostrich in Peter Pan, and then I was super-involved in church choir and worship leading at my church. So, I always loved music and was involved with it, but never really thought it was what I wanted to do until I started writing."

4. Kelsea started to pursue her dream of a music career at a young age.

Kelsea and her mother moved to Nashville when Kelsea was 15 so she could pursue her dream. "I would meet with anyone that would meet with me," Kelsea divulged on her website. "I always approached meetings not expecting anything but just asking for advice. That way I never left disappointed." 

5. She was influenced by Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift sent her a Tweet and she freaked out, but they are now Twitter friends. Kelly Clarkson is one of her biggest inspirations. She went to a Kelly Clarkson These Hazel Eyes when she was 12, per this Billboard video, and felt she got a sign when one of the eyes on the signage seemed to wink at her.