5 things you didn't know about Khalid

Khalid is a rising star in the world of R&B. He's wowed audiences with catchy songs like "Better" which you can watch the music video for by playing the video above. And at only 20 years old, he's certainly going to get better as his career goes on. But how well do you know the singer behind the music? Learn more about this up and coming artist below, then get tickets to see Khalid live here at AXS.

1) He comes from a military family

Khalid has already seen many different parts of the world. He was born in Georgia and raised in numerous places including Kentucky, New York, Texas and Germany, where he spent six years. Why did he do so much traveling at such a young age? As the El Paso Times reported, his mother Linda Wolfe was a member of the United States Army. It wasn't until they arrived in El Paso during his junior year of high school, though, that Khalid's music career began to develop.

2) He's been making music for less than four years

With how popular he is, fans may be surprised to learn that Khalid is still relatively new to the professional music scene. He told Pigeons and Planes that he didn't start making music until the winter of 2015, which means that his career is only three years old and counting. That's a relatively short amount of time to rack up the amount of attention that he has. The video for his debut single "Location" has more than 365 million views on YouTube, which comes out to roughly 121 million views for each year he's been performing!

3) He already has five Grammy nominations

That's right, Khalid has more Grammy nominations than years in his career. The Recording Academy has nominated him for three Grammys on his own, and another two for collaboration. In 2018, "Location" earned Khalid a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Song. He was also nominated for Best New Artist and Best Urban Contemporary Album for his debut record American Teen. He was also up for Song of the Year and Best Music Video for "1-800-273-8255," the Logic single that he was featured on along with Alessia Cara.

4) He was featured in "Black Panther"

"Black Panther" is all the rage, with the Marvel film having earned Oscar nominations as well as acclaim from critics and fans alike. The music, too, has also been raved about. It even reached number one on the Billboard 200! But you might have missed that Khalid was part of that record. His song "The Ways" is heard in the movie and included on the soundtrack, which you can download now on iTunes.

5) He's big in Europe

Khalid's not just popular in the United States! He has an incredible fan base all over the world, particularly in Europe. His most recent release Suncity reached the top 10 on a number of international charts last year. It reached number two on the Danish charts, number three in Sweden, and number three in Norway. That's better than it did in the US, where it peaked at number five on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart.

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