5 things you didn't know about Lil Yachty

Rappers whose name begin with Lil are often thought of as young, possibly small in physical size and most likely one-hit-wonders who want to be the next Lil Wayne. Lil Yachty, however, has set himself apart from the masses with his uniquely colorful style, role as Creative Director for Nautica and his consistently fun, youthful character exhibited in his music which he calls "bubblegum trap." AXS has highlighted 5 things you probably didn't know about the teen rapper. Check it out below.

1. Lil Yachty has a sailing team

In 2016, Lil Yachty introduced his sailing team to the masses on a mixtape called Summer Songs 2While the team does not consist of actual sailors, they are the group of folks, many of which have been his long-time friends, that Lil Yachty trusts for strong collaborations and musical prowess. Plus, the name keeps the nautical theme going.

2. Lil Yachty is the Creative Director for Nautica

The 19-year-old can add Creative Director to his resume, and not just for any old fashion line. Lil Yachty became the Creative Director for Nautica and debuted his new role at New York Fashion Week in February 2017. Nautica was attracted to the maritime themes in the teen's style and the fact that he was already rocking Nautica hoodies—owning nine before starting the new gig according to Billboard.

3. Lil Yachty is a Nautica and Urban Outfitters model

The spring 2017 Nautica and Urban Outfitters collection was released in March and featured Lil Yacthy and his sailing team as top models. Red braids and all, Lil Yachty and his crew posed for their close-ups in blue and yellow Nautica shorts, jackets and tops, giving the brand a cool makeover.

4. His red hair and unique style was not always celebrated

In a Rolling Stone interview, Lil Yachty reveals he was always a bit of an odd-man-out with his style. “I wore colorful clothes, had colorful hair. My older brother was gang banging, selling drugs, and I think he was kinda embarrassed of me.” This same signature style got him attention on Instagram and was a big part of launching his career and getting him connected with major industry folks with similar interests like Kanye West.

5. Lil Yachty does not rap about drugs or drinking

Staying true to his character but a bit different from most of the rappers with Lil in their names, the 19-year-old admitted to the New York Times that he doesn’t drink or smoke, so he doesn’t rap about those things. The teen rapper instead “preaches an all-purpose positivity fueled by timeless adolescent ambitions: chasing girls, looking cool and hanging out with friends.”

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