5 things you didn't know about Luke Pell

Luke Pell has lead a pretty interesting life thus far. The 33-year-old singer and guitarist is gradually seeing his name become more and more popular within the country music community. Folks who follow pop culture may also know Pell’s name and face as the Texas native who was selected as one of 26 men to appear on season 12 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” (unfortunately he was voted off the show in its eighth week).

After his short time in the reality show limelight, Pell continued his dedication to performing country music which has earned him over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a co-headlining tour across North America with Logan Mizes this spring. All that along with a new EP and a national tour currently underway, there's no better time for music fans to learning who the emerging musician is.

Here are five things that fans may or may not have known about the Texas boy turned country stud:

1. Pell is a retired military/war veteran with a background in drilling
Pell joined the military after graduating from the prestigious West Point Military Academy in 2007, where he reportedly went on to serve as a Platoon Leader during the War in Afghanistan from 2008-09. According to his LinkedIn page (yup, he’s got one, so make sure to connect with him) Pell went on to work as a Drilling Foreman at Chesapeake Energy after stepping down from active duty with the rank of Captain in 2012, and ultimately chose to pursue a career in music.

2. He’s teamed up with his former “Bachelorette” competition for music events
One would assume that after competing for the heart of JoJo Fletcher on “The Bachelorette,” that the last musician who he’d want to perform with would be pulled from his competition on the show. Not Luke though! Pell teamed up with fellow season 12 contestant James Taylor (no, not that James Taylor) to perform a “Ladies Night” concert in his home state of Texas back in 2016. Hats off to these two gentlemen for not allowing an always awkward love triangle to get in the middle of playing for their fans.

3. Pell isn’t one to shy away from taking any gig he can
Like any artist who has caught even the slightest glimpse of popularity and success, Pell started from the bottom of the concert totem pole and has played his way up. As Romper reports, the country artist has taken gigs ranging from 40th birthdays, to CEO surprise parties and weddings, to even pulling out plenty of cover tunes at a Texas graduation party. Any gig is a gig, and judging by the 5/5 star ratings on his GigMasters page, Pell has earned the reputation as a fantastic performer wherever the stage may be.  

4. Pell thrives on the positive side of being a reality television star
Some folks may look back on their time on reality television as being a burden on their lives moving forward. Luke Pell however, is not "some folks." His military toughness has helped the singer develop an optimism for the spotlight that television can provide. Pell explained his views on television fame in a recent interview, where he admitted that there are pros and cons, but remaining optimistic is key.

“I think it’s like a double edge sword,” he told Haute Living. “After the show, I was quickly able to build and reach new fans from Orlando to Sacramento, from coast to coast, where I had a fan base from the show and some from my music career. I had a great time connecting those two worlds together ... I think something positive comes out of every experience and I am happy I was able to go through that experience and travel to new places.”

5. Garth Brooks remains his number one influence
Pell’s love for country music comes from growing up in what he calls “a small town in Texas,” and his influences reportedly range from The Black Crows to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s Garth Brooks however who remains at the top of Pell’s biggest influences as he tries his hand and following in the footsteps of the veteran country megastar.

“Garth Brooks for me was the guy who made me want to get into country music,” Pell admitted in a recent interview. “There were so many artists along the way who I looked up to for years. I always liked the trendsetters or the ones who looked out of the box.”