5 things you didn't know about Major Lazer
Maliyah Mha

So you think you know all there is to know about the sensational electronic/reggae/dance trio that consists of Diplo (Wesley Pentz), Jillionaire (Christopher Leacock) and Walshy Fire (Leighton Paul Walsh) better known as Major Lazer? Test your knowledge with the following facts and then you'll really know if you are a true Lazer beam.

5. Their musical roots can be traced to Miami

Major Lazer’s greatest influence for incorporating their reggae-esque tone into their heavy dance tunes was first brought about by spending time in one of their favorite U.S. cities - Miami. This south Florida metropolitan area has a high concentration of reggae lovers mainly because of its proximity to the Caribbean.  

4. One of the members is enthralled with manatees

Grammy award winning DJ/producer Diplo is quite fond of manatees. Yes, the large yet gentle, blubbery mammals that swim in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  He even has a tattoo of one!

3. The EDM trio are also accomplished music producers

When Snoop Dogg decided to unleash his alter ego Snoop Lion, Major Lazer served a pinnacle role by producing his reggae-driven album Reincarnated. The breakthrough album for Snoop Lion was a natural for Major Lazer to become involved with because of the electronic group’s origin within the reggae genre.

2. Diplo has high standards when it comes to his appearance

Sporting platinum white hair these days, Diplo’s reasoning behind it is to stay unique and not look like the guys from The Chainsmokers, who he said every DJ wants to emulate. He even equates his hair color transformation to his admiration for the ever-changing style of David Bowie.

1. Major Lazer had to go through a lot of red tape just to perform a gig in Havana, Cuba

In 2016, the band of dj's had to each pass a Cuban government background check (fingerprints and all), couldn't perform with their shirts off and even took a financial hit of $150,000 U.S. dollars just to play the outdoor gig. In the end it was worth it because Major Lazer's performance has paved the way for other musical acts to be able to perform in the socially deprived country. Not bad for only being the second U.S. musical act allowed to play in front of fans in Cuba. 

This powerhouse trio is a musical act to behold and be seen. If you would like to see Major Lazer in concert, go directly to their artist's page.