5 things you didn't know about Michael Bublé

For a while, it looked as if all of Michael Bublé’s albums would hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. Bublé first saw worldwide success in 2005 with his It’s Time album, and he quickly became a regular on the charts.

It wasn’t until 2007 when he first saw the top of the Billboard Hot 200 chart, but once he started, there was no stopping him. His 2007 album, titled Call Me Irresponsible, was the first to reach the top of the charts. In 2009 he did it again with his Crazy Love album, and in 2011-2012, Bublé his No. 1 with his Christmas album. The Canadian singer is a four-time Grammy Award winner.

Below, you’ll find five facts you may or may not have known about Bublé,

  1. Family. Bublé was born to Lewis and Amber Bublé in 1975. Lewis was a salmon fisherman. Bublé has two younger sisters, as well. Brandee writes children’s books, and Crystal is an actress. In 2011, Bublé married Argentine model and singer Luisana Lopilato.
  2. Italian citizen. In 2005, Bublé became a naturalized Italian citizen. His grandfather was Italian and born in Preganzoil, and his grandmother was born in Carrufo.
  3. Influence of his grandfather. Bublé credits his grandfather with helping him to develop his musical style and preferences. "My grandfather was really my best friend growing up. He was the one who opened me up to a whole world of music that seemed to have been passed over by my generation,” Bublé said.
  4. Childhood dreams. Bublé has said that he knew he wanted to be a singer from the time he was five or six years old, but even more, he wanted to be a hockey player. He wanted to play for the Vancouver Canucks.
  5. Teenage job. When Bublé turned 14, he began working with his father as a commercial fisherman. He spent six summers on the job. “(It was) the most deadly physical work I'll ever know in my lifetime. We’d be gone for two, sometimes three months at a time and the experience of living and working among guys over twice my age taught me a lot about responsibility and what it means to be a man."