5 things you didn't know about Molly Kate Kestner

Molly Kate Kestner has become a sensation in pop music, with her songs drawing the attention of music fans and celebrities alike. But how well do you know this emerging singer-songwriter? Discover 5 things you didn't know about Molly Kate Kestner below, then get the latest news and tickets to her upcoming live shows by visiting her artist page at AXS.

1) Her debut single was compared to Adele

Kestner's first original song "His Daughter" went viral thanks to some celebrity attention. Actor George Takei, best known for playing Hikaru Sulu in the original "Star Trek" series, gave her a resounding endorsement when he posted the video on his personal Facebook page and compared her to a "young Adele." Takei and "American Idol" alum Jordin Sparks both shared the video on social media, and over the last four years, it now has more than 16 million views.

2) She has a choir background

Before becoming a pop singer, Kestner was part of the Minnesota Music Educators Association All-State Mixed Choir from 2012 to 2013. She recently revisited that background when she performed her single "Compromise" with the American Young Voices Choir; click the link above to watch that live performance.

3) She's written songs for Kelly Clarkson

Speaking of "American Idol" veterans, last year Kestner co-wrote two songs on Kelly Clarkson's album Meaning of Life. She's credited as a co-writer on the tracks "Move You" and "Meaning of Life." The former, co-written with Amy Runey and producer Nick Ruth, was released as a single and went to number 58 on the Billboard Digital Songs Chart.

4) The idea for her first hit came in an interesting place

Musicians can have an idea for a song almost anywhere, and Kestner is no exception. According to her official biography, she got the idea for "His Daughter" while working as a janitor at her father's electrical shop while in high school. The concept for the song came to her while cleaning the men's restroom. She's come a very long way since then!

5) She plays multiple instruments

Audiences may not know that Kestner is actually a multi-instrumentalist. Her official biography also states that she plays piano, violin and ukulele, in addition to being a singer, songwriter and still posting some excellent YouTube covers. She's an artist of many talents! Watch her live performance of "Not Over You" by playing the video at the top of this article, and keep your ears open for her in the future.

For more on Molly Kate Kestner, visit her artist page at AXS.