5 things you didn't know about PartyNextDoor

PartyNextDoor is a Canadian rap star, songwriter, and producer who has made a huge name for himself not only with his own music but for music he has helped others make. After working with names like Rihanna and Drake over his short career, PartyNextDoor has finally reached a level of success that has afforded him a pair of Grammy nominations for 2017. Here is a look at five things you didn’t know about PartyNextDoor.

5. PartyNextDoor is Multi-National

PartyNextDoor, real name Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, is multi-national and that plays a lot into his music. His mother was Jamaican and his father from Trinidad. He was actually born in Canada, though. He also got his name PartyNextDoor from a FL Studio audio filer setting.

4. PartyNextDoor Released His First Album on iTunes

Thanks to his Canadian roots. PartyNextDoor was connected to fellow Canadian musician Drake and ended up signing to Drake’s OVO Sound label. Instead of making an album right off the bat, PartyNextDoor instead made a mixtape and released it directly through iTunes in 2013 to help get his music and sound out. It debuted on the Heatseekers Albums chart.

3. PartyNextDoor Produced Three Songs on Drake’s Album If You're Reading This It’s Too Late

Not only did Drake help PartyNextDoor get his record deal but PartyNextDoor returned the favor. In 2015, Drake released his album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. On that album, PartyNextDoor served as a producer on three different songs. The songs were “Legend,” “Preach,” and “Wednesday Night Interlude.”

2. PartyNextDoor’s First Number One Was A Rihanna Song

While PartyNextDoor has yet to hit the top of the charts with his own music, he has hit the top of the charts as a songwriter. PartyNextDoor wrote the song “Work” for Rihanna and that was included on the album Anti. That song ended up hitting number one in 2016 and remained at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for nine straight weeks.

1. PartyNextDoor Received His First Two Grammy Nominations Thanks to Drake

Just five years after signing a recording contract with OVO Sound, PartyNextDoor has two Grammy nominations and both of the songs have connections to his label-mate Drake. The first is a producer nomination for Drake’s album Views. The second is for Best R&B Song, this one for an actual PartyNextDoor song called “Come and See Me” (featuring Drake) from PartyNextDoor 3.