5 things you didn't know about Post Malone
Republic Records / YouTube

Rapper, guitarist, all around genuine guy—Post Malone is a modern day Renaissance Man, and the 22-year-old New York native is quickly becoming a household name. His debut album Stoney received critical acclaim upon its release in December 2016, catapulting the rapper to the forefront of the hip-hop and trap music genres.

There's more to the Syracuse-born musician than meets the eye, however. With influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Marilyn Manson, Post's ability to genre-hop and attract multiple audiences has been pertinent to his success. With his meteoric rise just beginning, get to know the man behind "White Iverson" with five fun facts you might not know below.

1. Post Malone auditioned to play guitar in the post-hardcore band Crown the Empire in 2010.

Before his rap career kicked off, the artist formally known as Austin Richard Prost was looking to land a gig as the guitarist for Crown the Empire, a Dallas-based post-hardcore band. He was shot down during the audition after breaking the strings on his guitar. Something tells us he doesn't regret breaking his E string all those years ago.

2. He got his start by appearing on his friends' popular YouTube channel.

With barely a penny to his name, Post moved out to Los Angeles after leaving college and lived in a friend's closet. Through a series of appearances on their popular YouTube channel, which featured them playing and discussing the popular video game Minecraft and short comedy skits, Malone was able to generate his first sense of traction in the music and social media world. From guitars to slaying the Ender Dragon, Post tackles it all.

3. Post moved to Dallas with his family when he was 9 and has a tattoo of President John F. Kennedy, who was famously assassinated in the city in 1963.

Nas may have coined the saying, "I'm out for dead Presidents to represent me," but Post took it to a whole new level in 2016. With his body of ink always growing, the rapper sat down to get a tattoo of President John F. Kennedy on his hand. "My body is covered by people that inspire me," he said in the Inked Magazine exclusive. "JFK was a guy that everybody should model their Americanism after, and I love America."

4. He's shared many interesting adventures with Justin Bieber, including a one-night trip to Montana in 2016.

The "rockstar" singer recently appeared on the TBS show "Storyville" to tell of his epic journey to Montana with touring partner Justin Bieber. The spontaneous trip to The Treasure State saw the duo hiking and sharing a lavish, chef-cooked meal followed by a night of drinking games. Post and Bieber toured together along the latter's Purpose world tour in 2016.

5. Post worked as a wedding DJ in Central New York, which helped fuel his love for pop music.

Who said DJing a wedding was dull? While living in Syracuse during his short tenure in college, Post got his side hustle on as a wedding DJ at area weddings. He credits his time at the job as a big influence on his music, allowing him to dissect popular songs that were requested and keep in the know on the latest music trends. As a multi-genre artist who's currently charting on rap, hip-hop and alternative rock charts, we'd say his stint as a DJ was definitely an informative venture.