5 things you didn't know about Prince Royce
Prince Royce/YouTube

Prince Royce is a superstar who's been able to blend pop music and Latin music into something all his own. As fans have fallen in love with his music, he's also earned multiple Latin Grammy Award nominations. But how well do you know this critically and commercially successful singer and songwriter? Learn more about Prince Royce below, then get tickets to see Prince Royce live here at AXS.

1) He hails from New York

Because Prince Royce is one of the best-known Latin pop artists, audiences may not be aware that he was born and raised in New York. Royce grew up in the Bronx along with his three siblings. He's actually Dominican-American; per the New York Daily News, both of his parents are of Dominican and immigrated to America. His father drove a taxi while his mother worked in a beauty salon. His family's story is a great example of the American dream - working hard and finding happiness and success.

2) His first hit was a cover

Prince Royce broke onto the pop scene in 2010 when he released his debut album, also called Prince Royce. The record's first single was called "Stand By Me" and it was a huge hit, going to number one on Billboard's Tropical Songs Chart. It also reached number eight on the magazine's Hot Latin Songs Chart. The video racked up more than 25 million views on YouTube. However, it wasn't an original; it was a cover of the classic R&B ballad from 1961!

3) He voiced a Disney character

When Prince Royce isn't wowing audiences in concert or laying down new tracks in the recording studio, he's pursued a number of other projects. One of those was lending his voice to a character in a Disney Channel series! Royce tweeted last year that he was voicing the character of Prince Marzel in Disney's "Elena of Avalor." Marzel made his debut in September, in the episode "Song of the Sirenas."

4) He co-starred in The Passion

Live musicals are all the rage right now on TV, and Prince Royce appeared in one of the lesser-known productions. He was part of FOX's "The Passion" in 2016 and had the co-starring role of Saint Peter. Speaking to Billboard before the show's premiere, Royce described playing Peter as "a responsibility" and a "much more serious role" than he'd ever played before. You can watch a clip from his performance by clicking the link above.

5) He's coached on The Voice

Prince Royce expanded his career in 2013 when he signed up to coach one of the international versions of "The Voice." He was part of "La Voz Kids," which is Telemundo's Spanish incarnation of "The Voice" that focuses on child singers. Royce appeared on the show for two seasons before moving on to other projects. However, he did well for himself in that limited window of time; he won both of his seasons.

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