5 things you didn't know about Spoon
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Spoon is a native-Texan band that hit it big in the 90s during the alternative indie revolution. While many of their contemporaries have faded into memory, Spoon is still around and making new music. They even released a new album in 2017 called Hot Thoughts, the ninth of their careers. Here are five things you didn’t know about Spoon.

5. They named their band after a song title

The co-founders of Spoon named the band after a German avant-garde band from the 1970s called CAN. The band released the song “Spoon,” which ended up as the theme for a television series in Germany called “Das Messer.” The song itself charted on the German charts and was also the basis for the indie record label Spoon Records.

4. They lost a battle of the bands before they were famous

In 1994, Spoon was trying to get people’s attention and signed up to compete in a battle of the bands. The competition was in their hometown of Austin, Texas, and they decided they would see if they could win a spot to play at the South by Southwest festival by winning the competition. They lost to a band called Mr. Happy and missed out on playing SXSW. Two years later, Telephono hit 35th on the Billboard indie charts.

3. Spoon has been featured on a number of TV shows

Spoon has hit it big partially thanks to other mediums. Their songs have appeared on many TV shows including “Veronica Mars,” “The Simpsons,” “Bones,” “House,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” They have been on the soundtracks for movies like “Cloverfield,” “(500) Days of Summer,” and “Horrible Bosses.” They even made it on a video game with a song on “MLB 09: The Show.”

2. Britt Daniel also worked on scoring a movie

Lead singer and guitarist Britt Daniel has not only watched the band’s songs hit movies and TV shows but he worked to help score a movie as well. Living in Austin is perfect for people wanting to get jobs in the movie industry and he scored the job of helping score the soundtrack for the drama “Stranger Than Fiction.” This allowed him to put four Spoon songs on the album on top of his scoring work.

1. Metacritic called Spoon the top artists of last decade

In 2009, the review aggregator Metacritic looked at all the musicians that released music from 2000-2009 and they named Spoon the No. 1 band of the entire decade based on consistency. Spoon had an average Metascore of 85.3 with their four releases, all which were deemed as “great” based on critical reviews.