5 things you didn't know about the Arlington Theatre

The Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif. is more than just a music venue. The space was originally built in 1930 and renovated in 1976, and to this day those renovations still hold, giving the venue a historic, nostalgic feel. 

Not only does this this venue have an interesting backstory, but it also has a slew of impressive artists, comedians and even politicians. Check out everything that's coming up at the venue right here, and read below to find out give things you may not have known about the Arlington Theatre.

1. The venue is inspired by 'Mission Revival" style
When you walk into the Arlington Theatre, you may forget that you are in Santa Barbara and not in Spain. The entire venue is replicated to be seen as a Spanish-style villa, with even faux-villas surrounding the seating area and stage. In addition to the villas, there is a freestanding ticket booth on site, as well as a covered courtyard with a fountain, which gives concertgoers a whole different experience than other venues. 

2. Before it was a venue, it was a movie theater.
Before the renovations to the theatre in 1976, the Arlington Theatre was primarily a movie theater for Fox West Coast Theaters. Still to this day, the theater is the largest movie theater in all of Santa Barbara. While it is mostly used as a performance venue now, movies are shown from time to time. 

3. It was originally built on site of a hotel.
In 1925, the Arlington Hotel was destroyed following a huge earthquake. In 1930 the structure was then rebuilt and turned into the movie theater. It was then renovated again in 1976, giving us the structure that still stands today.

4. The inside of the theater is filled with art.
Scattered around the theater are multiple paintings, the beams are painted and the ceilings are elaborately decorated. When first entering the theater, a painting of couples dancing from an array of cultures is spread across the arched doorways. The painting gives off more of the "Mission Revival" feel, along with the balconies and window sills that are built out of the walls.

5. The theater's pipe organ is a main feature.
One of the main features of the Arlington Theatre is a Robert Morton pipe organ. The organ, which is hidden most of the time, is risen up onto a platform when it is used for performances. What makes this pipe organ special, though is the brand. Robert Morton Organ Company has been around since before the Great Depression and provided organs in major theaters in the 1920's. 

The Arlington Theatre is the home to many unique and global events, and the architecture, history and location is just an added bonus. Check out upcoming events at the Arlington Theatre here.