The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart

James Minchin/Warner Bros. Records

In seven short years, indie-folk band The Head and the Heart have arrested our, well, heads and our hearts. Their three studio albums, including 2016's Signs of Light, contains some of the most straight-forward but utterly impactful songwriting, stretched across varied stylistic influences like folk, pop and country. The band, comprised of Jonathan Russell (vocals/guitar/percussion), Josiah Johnson (vocals/guitar/percussion/keys), Charity Rose Thielen (vocals/violin/percussion), Kenny Hensley (piano), Tyler Williams (drums/percussion) and Chris Zasche (bass), are unrelenting in their mission to deliver thoughtful stories and it shows in their work.

This week, the band will continue their Signs of Light Tour across the nation, performing numerous shows in the mid-West before taking to the East Coast by storm next month. They will also make a grand return to Coachella in April. To celebrate, did a little digging to come up with the five things you probably don't know about the group. Read on for the juicy details.

1. Legendary producer, director and journalist Cameron Crowe inspired them to finish a song.

While the group were writing "All We Ever Knew," the opening track on their third studio album Signs of Light, Crowe reached out to them for his Showtime series Roadies. "We get the phone call at the end of February-beginning of March that Cameron Crowe wanted us to be in the pilot," said Russell. "It just kicked me in the ass and made me want to finish it, because I was like, okay this is f*cking Cameron Crowe like get your sh*t together and finish the song."

2. Their self-titled debut album (initially released independently) was selling like hotcakes. 10,000 hotcakes, to be exact, before a label got involved.

Before the band signed with Sub Pop in Nov. 2010, they were forging ahead on the road, tirelessly building a loyal fan base. Things quickly began taking off with their self-burned CDs they sold at their shows. When it was evident they were on to something, they decided to sign a label deal. The album was re-released the following year.

3. The band might permanently expand to seven members.

It was reported in March 2016 that bandmate Josiah Johnson would be taking some time off to deal with his drug addictions. Thielen’s husband Matt Gervais stepped into the role for the time being...but it could be a permanent thing. "I'll get in touch with Josiah and feel out his comfort level," said Russell. "Is this gonna weird you out if I do this song that's basically yours? We're sort of figuring it out as we go along.

4. They can be spotted in a club scene in the Megan Griffiths-directed film Lucky Them.

Not only has the group's serious tunes been featured in countless TV shows, including Chuck, How I Met Your Mother and New Girl, but they've appeared in several series. In the 2013 comedy-drama, they make a fleeting appearance during a pivotal club scene. It has since been screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2014 Greenwich International Film Festival. The band even took out casting call for fans to appear in the scene.

5. A random open mic night changed their lives forever.

Even if you know already, their chance encounter at an open mic night in 2009 would forever change their destinies. Russell and Johnson were the first to meet at the Conor Byrne Pub in Seattle. The band would slowly but surely grow from there in the coming months. But it was that most important evening of music that set their career in motion.

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