5 things you didn't know about the new Bauhaus side project, Poptone
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Bauhaus are back, sort of. Two of the original members of the British underground alt-rock/goth group are currently on the road with their new band, Poptone. Made up of Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins and Kevin’s daughter Diva Dompe, Poptone's musical roots go deep into the darker side of classic alt-rock, while also embracing the ta-da element of being a new band.

Fans who have been following Ash and Haskins from their early years as founding members of Bauhaus to their more mainstream sounding era as part of Love and Rockets, most likely know a thing or two about their latest venture. Even the most diehard of Bauhaus followers may find themselves still learning new things about Haskins and Ash on their current North American tour- Poptone is by all means a new band after all. So here are 5 things that most fans probably don’t know about the new group as they embark on their first tour.

1. Bassist Diva Dompe’s last trio project was with her sister

Most fans will know that Poptone’s bassist and singer Diva Dompe is the daughter of Kevin Haskins. Her last notable trio project was Blackblack, an alt-rock group from Los Angeles that existed from 2004 until 2008. Diva’s sister Lola Dompe, also a daughter of Haskins, was also a member of the group as the band’s drummer.  

2. Despite Ash’s previous claims, the band will be adding out some classic favorites into the set list each night

The band’s guitarist/vocalist Daniel Ash has been vocal in the past about how playing songs from the 80s and 90s bores him. The good news for older fans is that they can still expect to hear Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets favorites on their current tour. At a show in San Diego earlier this week on May 17, five songs from the Love and Rockets catalog were added into the 18-song set, while the rest were mostly Tones on Tail covers.  

3. The late Lemmy Kilmister is responsible for bringing Daniel Ash to the realization that he should tour again

The late frontman for Motörhead may be the sole reason that Poptone are on the road this spring and summer. A late night epiphany due to “Ace of Spades” blasting in Ash’s headphones to wake him up, reportedly helped inspire the guitarist to get a full band together and perform in front of audiences again.
“Waking up and hearing that, the pennies sort of dropped,” Ash recently said about the moment. “It was obvious that I should go back on the road after all these years of not wanting to do it.”

4. Ash and Haskins were offered a lot of money to reunite at Coachella

Tones on Tail were a short-lived band that came into existence shortly after Bauhaus broke up in 1983. They didn’t last very long, and by 1985 they had moved on to form a different rock group by the name of Love and Rockets, which would go on to become a more mainstream friendly alt-rock band lasting well into the late 1990s. In a recent interview, Ash revealed how Tones on Tail almost reunited for the biggest music festival on the planet a few years ago.
“Tones were asked to do Coachella about five years ago,” Ash said about the passed opportunity. “I did contemplate it. We were offered an extremely large amount of money to do it. It was quite healthy. But I thought about it and I went ‘No, I’m not feeling it.’ I didn’t want to play live. I was jaded and just thought I couldn’t do it anymore.”

5. Poptone's visual aesthetic is a mixed nod to Bauhaus and Tones on Tail

Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins will probably be quick to point out that this is not a reunion tour. The two veteran musicians will acknowledge that they’re both the common thread to bands of the past, and they pull from their previous endeavors with the way they look on stage with Poptone. The color scheme in their stagewear and merch is black-and-white, a subtle acknowledgment to Bauhaus’ all-black attire to go with Tones on Tail’s look where white had a bigger presence.

Fans can still buy tickets to select Poptone shows on their current spring/summer tour by clicking here