5 things you didn't know about Tyler Rich

Singer and guitarist Tyler Rich is steadily becoming one of the premier rising artists to watch within the independent country scene. The west coast musician had been part of various country and rock groups before deciding to pursue a solo career, and it seems to be working out pretty well for him so far.

The 32-year-old has been making waves within indie country since his debut Valerie EP arrived back in 2015. Since then, he’s toured and performed around the country as support for larger artists while also sharing some new singles earlier this year via Big Machine Label Group with “The Difference” and “11:11.” Ever since seeing fellow country star George Strait perform years ago, Rich knew that he had to follow the same kind of path while also forging his own sound and style. As his name and music continue to grow and develop, here are a few little-known facts that most fans may not know about the fella from Yuba City, California.

1. Tyler’s northern California upbringing was prime for establishing country roots
Tyler comes from the musically rich state of California, where its enormous northern territory offers more than just beaches and wineries. California has helped shape various forms of country music throughout the years in a more Americana and rural Bakersfield kind of way, and Rich used those roots to find his own way to mix the traditionally southern genre with his other love for rock.
“Growing up in California, it is way more country than anybody thinks it is,” he admitted in a recent interview. “And even that being said, I grew up around farms. Where I’m from is nothing but agriculture.”

2. Made his national television debut while performing on “Today Show” earlier this spring
Tyler may still be an emerging name within the mainstream country scene, but he’s starting to get some breaks here and there with national exposure thanks to his television debut earlier this year when he played on “Today.” His performance of “The Difference” on the popular morning news show can be watched in full below, and his appearance in front of America didn’t seem to shake up too many nerves.
“Leading up to it I was anxious and a little nervous,” he admitted in an interview following the live broadcast. “The second I walked on stage, and was up there, you kind of sit in your comfort zone.” 

3. Rich’s influences range across the classic rock to contemporary pop spectrum
Like many artists today, Rich’s musical upbringing was filled with a mix of styles and cultural influences that have been combined to create his own signature sound. His earliest memories of country music came from his mom, but it was his father who instilled in him the power and energy of classic rock.
“I grew up in a musical family. At family functions we’d sit around and just play Tom Petty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Michael Jackson and the Beatles to George Strait, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn and Vince Gill,Rich said earlier this year. “I don’t really have a favorite genre so much as I just love music.” 

4. He hopes to release his debut album sometime before the end of 2018
So far in his career as a solo artist, Tyler has released a handful of fantastic singles and a four-song EP back in 2015 titled Valerie. The singer/guitarist is currently signed to Big Machine Label Group, through which he hopes to release his debut full-length album sometime before the end of the year.
“I’m hoping for an album to be out this fall,” he optimistically stated in an interview shared earlier this year. “I’m on a radio tour for the next few months visiting stations, and then tons of festivals and dates coming in for this summer.” 

5. Tyler met his future wife at a country music festival
Speaking of California country, there are few country music events along the western United States than Indio’s Stagecoach, which traditionally follows Coachella at the Indio Polo Club close to Palm Springs every spring. It was at the country festival a few years ago where he would meet the woman who he’d end up proposing to in actress Sabina Gadecki. The couple hasn’t picked a wedding date yet, but Tyler sounds hopeful that they can tie the knot in the near future.