5 things you didn't know about Tyler, The Creator
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Tyler, The Creator--otherwise known as Tyler Okonma--is a well deserved moniker. The 26-year-old is a  fountain of creative energy. He co-founded and helms Odd Future, a hip-hop collective based in Tyler’s native Los Angeles that helped to launch the careers of big names like Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt and The Internet. Even with all the success, Okonma is by no means a CEO in an ivory tower.

Not only does he produce and release his own material on the collective’s Odd Future Records, he has a hand in creating much of the collective’s artwork, directing its music videos, designing its clothing and curating and organizing its own festival, Camp Flog Gnaw, which is streamed on Okonma’s own streaming service, Golf Media. 

Even with all that, there may be some things you don’t know about the budding mogul. Check out five things you might not know about Tyler, The Creator below.  

1. Tyler made his own CD art as a kid
Before he was Tyler, the Creator, he was already creating. When he was seven, Okonma would take the insert out of CD cases and create his own art for imaginary albums complete with tracklists and track times.

2. Tyler, The Creator’s first mixtape made a Pitchfork list
In 2009, when he was just 18 years old, Okonma self-released his first mixtape, Bastard. The mixtape caught the attention of Pitchfork. The online music media outlet ranked Bastard 32nd on their best albums of 2010 list.

3. Okonma has created three TV shows
Given his knack for directing music videos, it’s natural that Tyler, The Creator gravitated toward TV. So far, Okonma has produced three television shows. From 2012 to 2014, "Loiter Squad" was a sketch comedy show featuring members of Odd Future. Tyler, The Creator had two shows premiere in 2017 within "Nuts + Bolts"--a Viceland show featuring the rapper’s interests and things he finds curious--and "The Jellies", about a Jellyfish family, on Adult Swim.

4. Tyler, The Creator has a love of bicycles
Tyler The Creator is a biking enthusiast; he especially loves BMX bikes. He has a song about his BMX bike called “Slater” featuring Frank Ocean. Tyler also guests on a Frank Ocean track called "Biking."  BMX even has a customizer so that you can own a bike like Tyler’s.

5. Tyler, The Creator did the theme song for Bill Nye Saves The World
That’s right, Tyler The Creator produced the theme song for Bill Nye’s Netflix series. Bill Nye was an integral part of most millennials’ education with his first television show “Bill Nye The Science Guy.” Tyler is obviously a fan as his production harkens back to the “Bill! Bill! Bill!” chant from the original theme song. Listen to Tylers take on it here.