5 tracks on Christina Aguilera's 'Liberation' where she gets her groove back
Nekogami / Christina Aguilera / YouTube

Pop superstar Christina Aguilera released her long-awaited album Liberation on June 15. The genie's out of the bottle and continuing to celebrate her womanhood and express her sexuality on the 15-track record. The angle Aguilera is going for this time is more urban and R&B-leaning music. She revved up the collection with lead single "Accelerate" featuring 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla $ign and then followed that up with the defiant "Fall in Line," an anthem for the #MeToo era, alongside Demi Lovato. It's been awhile since Xtina's last album so here's 5 more songs where she gets her groove back.

1. "Pipe"
Aguilera puts the X back in Xtina with "Pipe," her bedroom banger with the mysterious XNDA (who is heavily speculated to be Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton). Among her hip-hop-influenced tracks, this one hits the spot. Trap-lite beats and serene sounds back Christina scouting a particular plumber. "I get loud when you put that pipe down," she sings. XNDA slides in and assures, "Trust me I know what to do with it." The two lay the foundation for a sexy and irresistible collaboration.

2. "Deserve"
On "Deserve," Aguilera teams up with hit songwriter Julia Michaels and dance artist MNEK, who was also the producer. Michaels and MNEK penned the song about a tumultuous relationship that keeps both parties coming back for more. "Sometimes I don't think I deserve you so I say some f**ked up s**t just to hurt you," Christina belts atop a synth-filled soundscape. "But you know I do it all 'cause I love you," she adds. It's a dark and dreamy slice of pop that we deserve from the self-proclaimed "Fighter."

3. "Masochist"
"Masochist" is another sleek, synth-pop affair where Aguilera gets into her feelings. She finds herself emotionally invested in a fling that doesn't feel the same way. The pain is palpable in her powerfully wounded performance. "I must be some kind of masochist to hurt myself in this way," Christina wails. "'Cause loving you is so bad for me, but I just can't walk away," she admits. Xtina hurts so good on the moody and magical "Masochist."

4. "Unless it's With You"
For "Unless it's With You," Aguilera wrote the song with Shawn Mendes collaborator Teddy Geiger and Ricky Reed, the guy behind most of the tracks on Kesha's comeback album Rainbow. Backed by piano, Christina unleashes that legendary voice of hers. She lets her guard down to allow love in. "But you opened me up and now I finally realize I'll be your girl for life," Aguilera sings. Ain't no other woman like Xtina who can take us to church on this beautifully vulnerable ballad.

5. "Maria"
A young Michael Jackson joins Aguilera on "Maria" by way of a sample from his song of the same name. Kanye West produced and wrote the epic track with DJ Hudson Mohawke and Christina. She rages against the machine that built her career over hip-hop beats and cinematic strings. "How was I supposed to know that it would cost my soul?" Aguilera asks. In a search for her pre-fame self (characterized by her middle name), Xtina maneuvers her most melodramatic and magnificent performance to date.