Beck, Ryn Weaver and Jenny Lewis are just a few artists projected to release new music in 2017, even if they haven't announced it yet. 

Beck, Ryn Weaver and Jenny Lewis are just a few artists projected to release new music in 2017, even if they haven't announced it yet. 

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2017 has seen its fair share of both highly anticipated and surprise album releases so far, and it's barely five months into the year. Popular mainstream artists including The xx, Gorillaz, The Flaming Lips, Run The Jewels, Kehlani, Future, The Shins, Kendrick Lamar, Spoon and Ed Sheeran have all put out new LPs within the first few months of this year. Even Jamiroquai came out of nowhere to release arguably the best dance/disco album of the year so far with Automaton.

There are still a lot of previously announced projects set to come out sometime this year from artists like LCD Soundsystem, Miley Cyrus, Haim and Lorde- but what about the artists who are still keeping their fans in the dark? It’s always fun to talk about popular artists and why fans may not have heard anything from them in a hot second. So here are some musicians whose fans would love to hear new music from in 2017, but have have been M.I.A. with the whole updates or announcement thing so far.


Beck Hansen gave everyone a reason to wake up in the morning with his dreamy 'Morning Phase' album in 2014. It would go on to win the Grammy for Album of the Year, and even earned the alt-rock singer his very own Kanye interruption during his acceptance speech. Beck released the underrated “Wow” last summer, which is the second single from his next, currently unannounced album project. He’s been quiet thus far about when that next project may arrive, but if it took six years to put "Morning Phase" together, let’s not rush the master with this one just yet.

Ryn Weaver

Ryn Weaver burst onto the scene in 2015 with her debut LP, "The Fool." The alt-pop singer-songwriter’s debut was full of feel good songs which did a fantastic job of balancing mainstream music with strong writing and vocal integrity. Weaver hasn’t really said or done much to hint at a sophomore album arriving in 2017. There has been speculation that her label won’t be supporting her next release, even though the careers of equally-talented contemporaries like Halsey or Betty Who are really starting to take off. Where you at Ryn?


Alvvays became the surprise heroes of indie rock in 2014 with their smashing debut album containing songs like “Archie, Marry Me,” “Ones Who Love You,” “Next Of Kin” and “Adult Supervision.” The Canadian rock band toured with their jangly and fun tunes throughout the end of that year and into 2015. They’ve got a select run of festival appearances in the U.S. and U.K. set for 2017 thus far, but there've been no updates as to when their next album may arrive. Until then, fans will have to settle for hearing singer Molly Rankin’s beautifully hypnotizing vocals over three-year-old songs.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz may be creeping towards turning 53-years-old in a few weeks, but the veteran rocker still has plenty of creativity left in the tank. Having always been one to mix soul, R&B and funk into his mainstream rock albums, Kravitz last showcased new material on the 2014 glam-rock LP, "Strut." He did reveal that he’s working on a pair of albums in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, and said one of them would be arriving this year, but that’s really the only details he gave at the time. It should be interesting to hear what kind of styles he’ll be meshing together next, and whether the aging (but not really AGING) rocker can still be a player on the Billboard charts.

Of Monsters and Men

Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men arrives in 2012/2013 with their debut "My Head Is An Animal" LP. “Little Talks,” “Dirty Paws” and “Mountain Sound” became huge indie folk anthems on radio and in film/television placements, and allowed them to follow that up with 2015’s "Beneath the Skin." They even appeared on an episode of 'Game of Thrones' in 2016! So where’s the new music? The band is likely spending the first part 2017 either writing or recording new material, which may even come before the end of the year. Don’t be surprised if they wait until 2018 to start their next album cycle. Fingers crossed on this one.

Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis’ post-Rilo Kiley collaboration with Ryan Adams in 2014’s "Voyager," took the singer/guitarist to new levels as a solo artist. "Voyager" would go on to be considered one of the best albums of the year, thanks to a pretty catchy lead single in "Just One of the Guys." 2016 saw her focus on a smaller project with Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Forster and Of The Like’s Tennessee Thomas, with the trio calling themselves Nice As F**k. They released an album and played a handful of tour dates, but N.A.F. didn’t seem to be anything more than a fun side project for the respected rock musicians. Lewis hasn’t said much about when her next album as a solo artist may arrive, but when she does fans can only hope than another awesome colorful suit will also be included.