7 best Backstreet Boys cover songs
Selena Gomez/YouTube

With Backstreet Boys having recorded some of pop's catchiest songs, it's no wonder that other artists have covered their material. But especially when many of those artists have covered the same song, how does a fan find the best Backstreet Boys covers? AXS has compiled a playlist of the ones that Backstreet Boys fans need to listen to; click the titles below to hear them and decide how they compare to the original hits.

7) "I Want It That Way" - Forever In Your Mind

The best-known Backstreet Boys song is "I Want It That Way" and it's also the most covered song, too. Having boy band Forever In Your Mind cover the biggest hit of another boy band is something of a no-brainer. Their version delivers exactly what fans would expect to hear from this song, and doesn't take a lot of chances, but it's a great match for them stylistically.

6) "I Want It That Way" - Postmodern Jukebox

Postmodern Jukebox has made their name on covers, and they've also covered the same song. But they took it an entirely different direction, going back in time to record it as a 1970's soul single. It's fun, funky and features some soulful vocals from Shoshana Bean. It may not be the most attention-grabbing cover, but it gets points for being incredibly creative.

5) "As Long As You Love Me" - Kevin Olusola

As part of the singing group Pentatonix, Kevin Olusola has a Grammy Award. But with his Backstreet Boys cover, he shows off his chops as a solo artist. "As Long As You Love Me" is meant to be an incredibly earnest, overly sweet love song, and Olusola pours so much tenderness and sincerity into his version of it. Audiences who listen to it will fall in love with him.

4) "Incomplete" - Exit Eden

One would not imagine that a metal group would ever consider covering Backstreet Boys. But that's exactly what all-female metal act Exit Eden did, and they did it far better than anyone could ask for. The original version of "Incomplete" always had an operatic, epic feel to it, and Exit Eden took that quality and combined it with their own sound to make the most intense Backstreet Boys cover in existence.

3) "I Want It That Way" - Steel Panther

Again, this one seems like a real head-scratcher. What could Steel Panther, a fun-loving band that seems like they escaped from the 1980's hair band days, have in common with the Backstreet Boys? But that's what makes this cover so entertaining. These guys just throw themselves into the song and fully embrace the fact that it's not normal for them. It's impossible not to appreciate their enthusiasm.

2) "I Want It That Way" - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and her band randomly decided to cover "I Want It That Way" and they scored with it. For one, this was an impulsively recorded cover, not one that was part of a planned concert set list or a rehearsed upload, which gives it a natural quality that's charming. Furthermore, Gomez and her cohorts know what makes good pop music and their own expertise elevates the cover, too. Play the video above to enjoy their cover and see how much fun they're having recording it.

1) "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" - Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line was made to cover "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)." It was Backstreet Boys' biggest party song, and Florida Georgia Line have established themselves as a duo who love to party. They have the perfect energy to make this song awesome, and because they're pop-country instead of straight-up pop, they make it sound fresh while preserving what made it so great. It's everything a fan could want from a cover, and then some.

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