7 best Beyonce cover songs

Beyonce is one of the most successful artists in music, so it's no surprise that several other performers have chosen to cover her hits. AXS has compiled a short list of the best Beyonce covers; give them a listen by clicking the links below. Learn more about Beyonce, including tickets to her current and upcoming shows, by visiting her artist page at AXS.

7) "Sandcastles" - Jessica Sanchez

The "American Idol" runner-up shows tons of potential with her version of "Sandcastles," reminding audiences why she nearly won the singing competition. Jessica Sanchez has a natural talent that hasn't completely been explored yet, and her Beyonce cover highlights both those things. It sounds great, but also sounds like she has room to put her own unique spin on the song, rather than just cover it.

6) "Me, Myself & I" - Zayn

Speaking of going one's own way, Zayn has certainly done that in his solo career. His version of Beyonce's "Me, Myself & I" demonstrates that. It's not a song that should fit his voice, but he adapts the song to make it work for him. He also brings his own fair amount of swagger to it, and while he doesn't reach Beyonce levels of confidence in his performance,

5) "All Night" - Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson is a pop sensation herself, and takes the straightforward route with her version of "All Night." Like Sanchez, she opts more for just covering the song to the best of her ability than trying to transform it. Larsson has a tremendous amount of vocal ability, though, as well as an equal amount of charm that makes listening to her cover the song a pleasure.

4) "Crazy In Love" - Lady Antebellum with Kelsea Ballerini

Live shows are a common place to find covers, and last year country artists Lady Antebellum and Kelsea Ballerini decided to cover Beyonce while on tour. "Crazy In Love" is one of Beyonce's biggest hits and biggest songs in terms of sound, so when an artist covers it, they'd better bring it. But the combined effort of two different acts gives the song its necessary kick, with an additional little bit of a country twist. This is girl power in action.

3) "Freedom" - Rag'n'Bone Man

Rag'n'Bone Man should be the last person who can knock out a Beyonce cover. He's in a completely different genre and his impressively deep voice shouldn't work with her songs. Yet he defies all expectations with his version of "Freedom," which he unquestionably makes his own. The fact that he's such a different artist completely changes how the song sounds, and thus, what the audience takes away from it. It's an astonishing performance.

2) "Single Ladies" - Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles is one of pop's most veteran singer-songwriters, who's given audiences anthems of her own like "Brave." So hearing her cover "Single Ladies," which is one of Beyonce's best-known songs with a certain amount of flair to it, is a natural fit. Bareilles has the voice to cover it perfectly, but it's also right up the avenue of what she does in her own career. She captures everything that makes the song great.

1) "Drunk In Love" - Ed Sheeran

Not only can Ed Sheeran make his own massive hits, but he can also knock other people's hits out of the park, too. Sheeran stretches his range yet again by taking on Beyonce's "Drunk In Love," and feels like he's changing himself to fit the song, rather than the other way around. He shows the audience a little more attitude than usual, and some impressive vocal moments, too. This is why Sheeran is such a success; he can make anything sound good, even if it's a cover. Watch his "Drunk In Love" cover by playing the video at the top of this article.

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