7 best Boston cover songs
David Victor — YouTube

Since first bursting on to the rock scene with the release of their self-titled debut album in 1976, Boston’s numerous hit singles, the prowess of  guitarist/songwriter/producer Tom Scholz and the indelible vocal range of the late Brad Delp helped drive the band to became a musical force to be reckoned with throughout the 70s and 80s. Their influence on rock music is without question as evidenced by all the bands that have paid homage to this great band by creating their own versions of Boston hits. Here is a list of the 7 Best Boston cover songs.

7. Hatsune Miku & The Playloids – “Don't Look Back V2”
This title track from Boston's second album hit the airwaves in 1978. It was certified 7 times platinum in sales in the US and climbed to number 4 on the charts. The Playloids take on this arena rock sonic blast which normally embodies Boston’s prime components of buzzing guitars and soaring vocals is extremely different. Hatsune Miku is a singing synthesizer whose voice is featured on over 100,000 songs worldwide. Hatsune Miku translates to "The first Sound from the Future".

6. *NSYNC  - “More Than a Feeling”
In 1997 *NSYNC released this acapella-ish pop take on the tune. It is a cool and interesting approach to the song, which features beautiful harmonizes when the boys all sing together. It's nothing like the Boston version at all and that was the intention. The Boston version was the opening song and lead single of the band’s self-titled debut album in 1976 and reached the Top 5. Their track contains one of rock music’s all-time great guitar riffs. It’s hook’s appeal is undeniable.

5. Stryper – “Peace of Mind”
In 2009 American Christian metal band Stryper ‘s cover of this track can be found on the band’s twelfth release and seventh studio album Murder by Pride.  Stryper is a pretty badass band live and the live version of this track is exceptional. “Peace of Mind” is the demo song Tom Scholz recorded for the demo tape that got his band signed. The song expresses Scholz’s disdain for aspiring to climb the corporate ladder and feeling creating music and being at peace with oneself is a more honorable goal.

4. Anthrax – “Smokin'”
Anthrax kills it in this metalized version of the Boston's song.  Fred Mandel joins the band on keys for the song and nailed it. Basically, this song sounds like a heavier Boston. It is also a good example of why Joey Belladonna  is the best singer of the thrash 4 (Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth). "Smokin'" is the only track on this 7 Best Boston Cover Songs list not solely penned by guitarist Tom Scholz. This boogie rocker is what classic rock is all about.

3. Gabbie Rae – “Foreplay/Longtime”
This video is actually Gabbie Rae’s sound check at Live Lucky Strike Live in 2016. The excellent organ tone is certainly the star. One of the most overlooked parts of this cover is a good tone. Everyone in this band was on top of his/her game that night.  The drummer definitely stands out and gives the whole performance its energy. This track from Boston's first album consists of an instrumental keyboard driven intro section, fist-raising guitar riffs, and a tightly constructed foundation.

2. Bostyx – “Hitch A Ride”
“Hitch A Ride” is from the 1976 Boston debut album. Is a live performance by Boston/Styx tribute band Bostyx from 2013. Bostyx lead vocalist/guitarist David Victor is the featured lead vocalist on Boston's #1 single "Heaven On Earth." He was also co-lead vocalist and guitarist on the Boston 2014 US summer tour.

1. David Victor – “Rock & Roll Band”
David Victor’s performance of Rock & Roll Band debuted on AXS TV's World's Greatest Tribute Bands LIVE show from the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. David is a one-time member of the band Boston and now tours with his cover band Bostyx. They play energetic and livery versions of Boston and Styx material. “Rock & Roll Band” was Boston’s way of congratulating themselves for a job well done and their early days in a Rhode Island bar.