7 best Coldplay cover songs
Yuequi Wang/youtube.com

Coldplay is a Grammy Award-winning British rock/pop band that has been hard to miss over the years. They have released seven studio albums, beginning with 2000's Parachutes. Three of their albums have been certified as being among the best selling releases in the history of the UK album charts.  Their single release "Yellow" written by all of the band members, was Coldplay's first top 10 record on the British singles chart. The band has said that in its original form, the song was inspired by the musical style of Neil Young. Fronted by keyboard player and lead singer Chris Martin, Coldplay's musical style has been referred to as being within a number of genres including alternative rock, post-Britpop, and dream pop. The group's sound and production are unique and has also inspired a number of acts to record their own takes on the material. Here are 7 of the best cover versions of Coldplay songs.

7.  "Fix You" - Stereo City

This trio does a nice take on the Coldplay hit.  It features acoustic as well as electric guitars and is both delicate and driving which is a hallmark of Coldplay's own recordings. The vocal blend is pleasing and the total track is a worthy version of the tune

6. "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" - Jian Salcedoo

Most of Coldplay's iconic tunes feature a sound that is made up of piano, electric guitar and soaring vocals. This cover is a bit more stripped down but retains the energy of the song's instrumental hooks. The vocals here are top notch also, and the whole package is radio hit ready.  

5. "Magic" - Jasmine Thompson

The female vocal take on this tune is breathy and evocative. The backing track builds into a tasteful arrangement that doesn't get in the way of the singer.   The original is a bit more hard-edged, but this lighter interpretation works as well in its own way.

4. "Yellow" - KIna Grannis

This acoustic guitar and vocal version of Coldplay's first breakout hit is effective and a great example of how many of the band's tunes lend themselves to this type of treatment. Many female artists have performed and recorded songs in this mode, with much less successful results. The low-key sensitive approach works well here.

3. "Viva La Vida" - J. Fla

This version retains all the drama and is as compelling as the hit by Chris Martin and Co. It features a strong female vocal and a backing track that hits all the right instrumental hooks from the original. The song's running time could easily have been longer for this tasty rendition of an anthemic song.

2. "Paradise" - The Piano Guys - featuring Alex Boyle

Here is an interesting bit of international collaboration as this act brings an African spin to the Coldplay hit. The Swahili word for paradise "peponi" is sung in place of the title, as well as all the song's other lyrics being translated into Swahili. The instrumental track is majestic and driven by piano and cello. This is a compelling track.

1. "The Scientist" - Boyce Avenue featuring Hannah Trigwell

Boyce Avenue turns this Coldplay hit into a female/male vocal duet with Hannah Trigwell. The vocal blend here works very well and alternating lead singers on the verses is effective. The instrumental backing is guitar driven but kept minimal, as the vocals take center stage.