7 best Eagles cover songs
Travis Tritt Fan/youtube.com

The Eagles were formed in the early 1970s and almost immediately became the preeminent band in the area of country rock and California rock. Groups like Poco and before them Buffalo Springfield and Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band pioneered these genres, but The Eagles brought the sound to the mainstream of mega-successful rock acts. Over the years their original songs have been covered by artists ranging from country music to metal rockers and everything in between. Here are seven of the best cover versions of Eagles songs.

7. "Take It Easy" -Travis Tritt

Country star Tritt delivers a pretty straightforward take on The Eagles first big hit. There is a bit more of a twang in the vocal, but the original also had a definite country flavor. The line between country and country rock has certainly blurred in the last two decades

6. "The Best of My Love" - Rod Stewart

Rod the Mod applies the signature texture of his voice to this Eagles ballad. Don Henley's own vocal tones are nearly as recognizable and the original version was the first of what would be 5 number one hit singles for the band. Rod's interpretation is an appealing rendition of a great tune. 

5. "Already Gone"  - Wilson Phillips 

This version of the Jack Tempchin written tune was recorded by 3 young ladies who are also California rock royalty by birth. Wilson Phillips gives the song a smooth but energetic performance. It retains the attitude of the original Eagles hit.

4. "One of These Nights" - Keb' Mo'

Bluesman Keb' Mo' gives this Eagles classic a more laid back introspective treatment. Smooth jazz saxman Dave Koz adds to the atmosphere with a tasteful solo.  

3. "Hotel California" - Majek Fashek

This a full-on reggae interpretation of the title track from the Eagles' mega-hit album. Majek Fashek takes the hotel down to the islands and it is a trip worth taking even for hardcore Eagles fans. 

2. "Desperado" - Linda Ronstadt 

Ms. Ronstadt was an early interpreter of her former backing band's tunes. This stripped-down arrangement is all about the power and tone of her voice and the story that the song's lyrics tell. A perfect match and a signature song for both Linda and The Eagles.

1. "Take It to The Limit" - Etta James 

This is (of course)  a soulful take by a legendary vocalist. Etta James would often say that this song summed up many aspects of her life and career. A great song by Randy Meisner, Don Henley and Glenn Frey that was a classic record for the Eagles also soars in this version.