7 best Fleetwood Mac cover songs

If there were ever a "golden rule" to producing a truly great cover song, it would be a simple one. Honor the song you're covering in your own individualized style, don't try to replicate or improve it. In terms of inspiration, most of today's musicians can agree that Fleetwood Mac ranks towards the top of their lists, which is why they've been covered so many times. 

Some timeless hits surely feel irreplaceable, but that never stops some of today's best artists from all over the world from honoring these songs and musicians that have inspired them and their respective careers. So let's pay homage to Fleetwood Mac in our own way, by counting down their 7 best cover songs.

7. Paramore - "Everywhere"  
Originally from the 1987 album Tango In The Night,  "Everywhere" has captured the hearts and ears of many across the globe for over three decades. Luckily Hayley Williams has an impressive vocal range that compares to the great Stevie Nicks, so this cover comes off as a smooth and natural performance for Paramore. It's rumored that the music video for this song is a visual depiction of the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

6. HAIM - "Hold Me"  
When three beautifully talented sisters from Los Angeles perform the Fleetwood Mac classic "Hold Me", it's tough to turn your attention elsewhere. HAIM's incredible harmonizing abilities combined with their signature pop-rock style provide the perfect canvas for a Fleetwood cover, which isn't surprising because HAIM has been compared to Fleetwood Mac arguably more than any other band. Nonetheless, the sisters do a great job at personalizing this cover and giving it their own touch.  

5. The Lumineers - "Go Your Own Way"
The raw minimalistic approach that The Lumineers bring to the equally raw lyrics of "Go Your Own Way" is truly a match made in music heaven. This song always felt as if it should be performed on an old semi-tuned acoustic guitar under the moonlight somewhere out in the countryside. But the simple melody produced by The Lumineers on this GRAMMYS performance will do just fine. 

4. Florence + The Machine - The Chain" 
Under the topic of most powerful rock & roll female vocalists, it's impossible to not include Florence Welch alongside the great Stevie Nicks. That's why this one-off performance of "The Chain" is such a treat to watch. Florence + The Machine's passionate Glastonbury performance is surely one of the ol' memory banks. 

3. London Grammar - "Dreams" 
London Grammar offers a subtly powerful rendition of a Fleetwood Mac favorite, "Dreams", behind the stunning vocals of singer Hannah Reid. Much like the Lumineers cover mentioned earlier, this version takes on a stripped back approach, showcasing the essential elements of this beautiful and timeless melody. 

2. Post Malone - "Hollywood Dreams"
Perhaps one of the most innovative of these covers is Post Malone's "Hollywood Dreams," off of his 2016 mixtape August 26th. To be fair, this song shares the same chorus as "Dreams" from Fleetwood Mac, while Post Malone wrote his own lyrics for the verses that still pay tribute to the influential band. 

1. Sticky Fingers - "Rhiannon" 
On the first mention, a reggae fusion version of Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac sounds like it could be one of two things, either terrible or amazing. Luckily for us, this soothing cover by Sticky Fingers is almost as good as the original. This cover truly captures the 'feel good' elements that make Rhiannon such a well-known tune, but it's rumored that the song is ironically about a Welsh witch named Rhiannon