7 best Iron Maiden cover songs
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For more than four decades now – longer than a good number of their current fans have even been alive – Iron Maiden has been a tour de force of heavy metal. With a signature, consistent sound and sixteen studio albums (one of which a double-album, no less) under their belts, this legendary English band has captured and maintained the devotion of fans selling more than 100-million copies of their albums worldwide regardless of limited radio play. And let’s face it, some of those fans are other notable bands and performers who despite their own levels of success, regard Iron Maiden’s music as within a higher echelon of heavy metal. And if it’s true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Iron Maiden collectively must be flushed in the cheeks with all the great covers of their songs performed and recorded by others. Here are a few of the best…

7. "Remember Tomorrow" by Metallica 

As if the anticipation wasn’t already through the roof for the long-awaited, tenth studio album by thrash masters Metallica, the band’s selected cover songs to include on the deluxe edition made Hardwired…To Self-Destruct even more lust-worthy. With Metallica covering classics by bands like Diamond Head, Deep Purple and Rainbow, the deluxe version of the album became an automatic must-have for music lovers, but the song that truly wowed metal lovers was their rendition of Iron Maiden’s “Remember Tomorrow.” Taking a classic Iron Maiden tune and paying proper homage to it and Iron Maiden as well, while yet making it their own is something only a great band like Metallica could pull off flawlessly - and did they. 

Bonus: And while in a "Remember Tomorrow" state of mind, be sure to check out another great cover of the same song that was included on A Tribute to the Beast, Vol. 2 by another one of The Big 4 bands, Anthrax

6. "The Wicker Man" by John Bush, Jeff Duncan, Scott Ian and, Blasko feat. Ben Graves and Jason C. Miller

If Iron Maiden enthusiasts every wanted to focus on tribute albums alone, they'd certainly have plenty of material to choose from. One of the tribute releases that stands alone is the 2005 compilation, Numbers from the Beast: An All-star Tribute To Iron Maiden. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Iron Maiden's debut album, members of bands like KISS, Motörhead, Testament, Poison and many more came together to honor an integral chapter in heavy metal history. But despite the abundance of great performances on this disc there is one that shines even brighter than the rest - "The Wicker Man." Bringing together John Bush, Jeff Duncan, Scott Ian and, Blasko feat. Ben Graves and Jason C. Miller, this version of the song is about as perfect as anyone would hope for in a cover. 

5. "Running Free" by Stone Sour 

Off of their 2005 EP Straight Outta Burbank, Stone Sour takes a robust metal tune like Iron Maiden's "Running Free" and has fun with it. Covering songs by bands like Bad Brains, The Rolling Stones, Mötley Crüe, and Slayer, choosing Iron Maiden to round things out was an excellent choice a perfect fit for Corey Taylor and company. Keeping it fun and reproducing that gritty vibe the original is known for, Stone Sour stamp the song with their own edge but without jeopardizing the original's signature feel. Crisp, clear, and throbbing - a classic metal tune all-new and modern.

4. "The Trooper" by Stryper

Everyone - even music lovers who aren't huge fans of Iron Maiden - knows the Iron Maiden tune "The Trooper," but what most people might not have expected is to see this classic song covered by Christian metallers Stryper. Appearing on their 2011 studio album, The Covering, Stryper recorded a collection of twelve cover songs from bands that inspired them over the years. Featuring popular tunes by bands like Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Led Zepplin, Judas Priest, and more, but their version of "The Trooper" truly brought the house down. 

3. "Iron Maiden" by Trivium 

Here's one for the scavenger hunters of the music world - "Iron Maiden" covered by metalcore's Trivium. Released in 2016  by Kerrang! magazine's sequel to their classic 2008 release, Maiden Heaven cover CD. The disc was only made available with physical copies of the magazine, those who were able to scoop this up either on newsstands or on Ebay sometime thereafter know what a rare gem they've got. As dynamic as this stellar song should always be reproduced, Matt Heafy and company perform "Iron Maiden" flawlessly and explosively. 

2. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Machine Head

Which brings us to the original tribute CD released by the U.K. magazine Kerrang! Maiden Heaven featured the robust rendition of Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by none other than Machine Head. Robb Flynn has a knack for belting out songs with the entirety of his heart and soul, and "Hallowed Be Thy Name" is no different. 

Bonus: If you haven't yet gotten your fill of "Hallowed Be Thy Name," check out this sizzling version of the same song by extreme metal/shock rockers Cradle of Filth

1. ''Powerslave'' by Testament 

As part of the celebrations for Record Store Day in 2013, thrash masters Testament put out a smoking hot,  limited-edition seven-inch picture disc containing two cover songs: The Scorpions tune "Animal Magnetism" and their version of Iron Maiden's "Powerslave," which has yet to be topped. With Chuck Billy's authoritative vocals and ability to make "Happy Birthday" sound heavy and hard, he lays down the vocals for "Powerslave" with a crunching aggression that is perfect for the bones of this great song.